Text: Ezra 7:1-28More than 50 years pass between chapter 6 and 7, and we finally meet thepriest/Scripture-scholar Ezra. The Persian King, Artaxerxes, is sending Ezra back to Jerusalem with more people (especially priests and Levites) and treasure. Ezra is returning so that he can help restore worship in Jerusalem. Ezra was a scholar who loved[…]

Text: Ezra 6:1-22The people of God now have the Persian King supporting their work. He even ordered tax money and foreign supplies be contributed to the effort. King Darius probably was not a believer in Yahweh. It is likely that being kind to Jerusalem was just a political strategy (v.10). But Darius’ thinking doesn’t really[…]

Text: Ezra 5:1-17After the work stopped (chapter 4) Yahweh sent His prophets, Haggai andZechariah, to encourage the people to continue building. The people were emboldened and started building again. Even when the enemies returned and saw the Jews continuing to build and they threatened to report the rebellion to the King of Persia, the people[…]

Text: Ezra 4:1-24Opposition to God’s work among His people is a very ancient story. Ever since Satan’s temptations, and the disobedience of Adam, all humanity became sinners, became enemies against God and against one another, especially targeting God’s chosen people, as when Cain killed his brother, Abel. Every day there is human hatred against God[…]

Text: Matthew 6:1-34Jesus is teaching practical Christianity: He is teaching about giving, prayer, and fasting, and the reason we should not worry at all. Jesus is teaching things which seem simple and familiar to us; yet many of us fail to do them. Let praying, fasting, and giving be part of us, God’s children. Instead[…]

Text: Matthew 5:13-48Jesus again focuses on exhortation stating that “You are the salt… light..”(vv.13-14, ESV) .Your influence is therefore eminent. Salt influences the tasteand preserves foods. Light influences sight and brightness. They are all key to life. As a follower of Christ, you are the salt; therefore, preserve righteousness and holiness in Christ and avoid[…]

Text: Matthew 5:1-12The greatest sermon was this call to all to have a new shift. Today’s world is full of people who want to order God to do their will according to worldly standard.Jesus set a new standard of blessedness. He erases all former insinuations regarding prosperity and makes a suggestion on inheritance and Kingdomoccupation.[…]

Text: Mathew 4: 12-25Jesus now begins His public ministry. He begins with power and a call torepentance because the Kingdom of God was at hand. He also prayerfullyselects some of the twelve disciples. Key to this is that whoever He called they followed Him. His preaching was accompanied with miracles andwonders, pointing to Him that[…]

Text: Matthew 4: 1- 11Most of today’s teachings are not motivated by the Gospel. After a revelationthere is time of instruction. There is a way in which many people think thatwhen you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you do not strive; not in this case.Jesus was led by the Spirit into the Wilderness to[…]

Matthew 3: 13-17Jesus is the one that sought out John the Baptist and He went from Galilee tothe Jordan River for this. The issue becomes the humility of Jesus seeking out John to be baptised by him. In verse 14, John tried to deter him, saying, “…I need to be baptized by you, and do[…]