Text: Judges 13:1-25Manoah asked God how he was going to raise the son he was soon to have (v.8). Let us learn to commit our children even those who are not yet born, to the Lord. Let us pray for God’s wisdom on how to raise them up. The Lord will answer and guide us[…]

Text: Deuteronomy 6: 4-25Parents are urged to use every opportunity to teach their children that there is One God (vv.6-7). Children should be taught about God and to believe in Him at all times. The teaching should be deliberate so that it is transferable to the coming generations. Our children should know that repentance and[…]

Text: 3 John 1-15Diotrephes had given Gaius a hard time, and now Paul comes to encourage him (Gaius) by letting him know that he (Paul) was praying for him (v.2). It is good to pray for the good health of each other, and that of our disciples. It is important to recognize that good health[…]

Text: Philippians 4:10-10It is one thing to be in good health but yet it is another to do what God requires of you (v.13). Again it is humbling to know that it is only God who enables us to do all that we do regardless of the good health. After all, it is God who[…]

Text: Ephesians 5:1-21Alcohol is associated with a wasted and unproductive life (v.18). Wine makes your body weak and disables you from making the most of every opportunity (v.16), it may also lead to making unwise decisions (5:15).Your body should be kept in good condition to honour God and work for His glory. Instead feed your[…]

Text: 1 Corinthians 10: 25-33In all things that we do, we should keep the glory of God in view (v.31).After knowing that our bodies were bought at a fee by God (1 Cor. 6:19-20), then we should feed it with foods that will keep it in good health.Drink and eat the right amount; that will[…]

Text: I Corinthians 6:1-20At the point that you receive Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in you,you become His temple (vv. 19-20), and you are made whole. Therefore, it is important to watch the way you treat your body; it should be in good health to work for God’s glory. Meditate on verses 19-20.[…]

Text: Acts 27:13-38Paul told his companions on the ship to eat food in order to gain strength (v.34). While there is time for fasting, it is always important to take the right food in the right amount. This keeps your body in good health. “Not a hair to perish”, was a proverbial expression, meaning none[…]

Text: Luke 17:1-19Your faith in Christ will heal both; your soul and body (v.19). Trust in Jesus Christ, He will re-establish your health and it will be a testimony tomany others.Meditate on verse 19. What is God teaching you in this verse?Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for the many who are[…]

Text: Luke 9:51-62.Jesus and His disciples would walk long distances (v.57). They may not have intended to exercise in this way, but the walking kept them fit.Walking or any other exercise is good for our bodies. It keeps our bodiesactive and healthy. Be deliberate in regular exercise. Jesus Christ did so!Meditate on verse 57. How[…]