Text: Matthew 12:33-37Jesus Christ called the Pharisees a brood of vipers, meaning their words were poisonous (v.34). A leader who does not speak the truth is dangerous because he cannot be trusted, even with good intensions for his people! If someone cannot trust you then he cannot obey you. So, untruthful leaders instigate rebellion. Leaders[…]

Text: Jeremiah 33:1-13Jeremiah faced a lot of difficulties as a prophet of God. At one time he was imprisoned for prophesying the truth (32:3). However, the Lord revealed Himself to Jeremiah, assuring him of His presence (v.3). A leader should trust that God is the one who put him in that position andwill not abandon[…]

Text: Psalm 119:105-120The Word of God should be a lamp for a leader’s feet and light to his path; and, indeed, to every one of us (v.105). The Word will be light if you read, study and apply it to your life. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and every one, especially[…]

Text: Job 1: 1-22Job was wealthy. However, the Lord allowed the devil to torture him (Job 1:12). Job never cursed God in response, as the devil had thought he would (v.11). On the contrary, Job responded by accepting the reality that his suffering was allowed by the Lord and he blessed Him (vv.20-21). Jesus Christ[…]

Text: Nehemiah 12:1-26Nehemiah’s vision was to build the wall; but the purpose was to help the people regain their focus on worshipping their God (v.27). Otherwise, they could finish the wall and then begin trading inside the walls. So, people should know the purpose of the vision and the leader should keep it on their[…]

ACP update (Sunday 14th November 2021)

The ACP Team is grateful to God for His faithfulness for the Cathedral Building project. We continue to execute phase 3 through Transition Works in small lots, despite the continuing effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on construction and financial sectors. The site remains under restricted access. It is our prayer that by the time the[…]

Text: Nehemiah 6:1-19A leader must be hopeful and trust the Lord for energy and wisdom (v.3).Nehemiah refused to give in to any discouragement. You lead as you inspire others!Jesus Christ encourages us to be optimistic, to have peace even in the midst of tribulation, for He overcame the world, the devil and the flesh for[…]

Text: Nehemiah 2:18-20When Nehemiah explained the simple vision he had to the people, they quickly bought into it and they became one united team (v.18). A leader should be able to mobilize a team to work with. A team comes with energy and different talents and abilities to accomplish the vision in hand. For a[…]

Text: 2 Samuel 12:1-15King David had committed adultery with Uriah’s wife (v.4) and wentahead to plan and have her husband killed (11.17). Prophet Nathanconfronted the King and rebuked him in a subtle manner (12:7). To his credit, King David repented of his sin (12:13). A leader should rebuke evil acts in our society. Who rebukes[…]

Text: Philippians 4:10-23As with yesterday’s passage, today is about another practical matter – contentment. If we learn this, we can have peace even in the midst of the most horrible distress. Before Paul came to faith in Christ, he was a prominent Pharisee in Judaism. When he was converted by Christ, he entered an entirely[…]