Text: Proverbs 31:19-22We have already read in this chapter of proverbs how the wife of noble character provides for her family, which is the proper thing to do (cf., 1 Tim.5:8), and no one would argue against that. But the verses for today also teach us about care for needy persons who are not part[…]

Text: Proverbs 31:16-18Madam Excellence shows wisdom when she handles money for business.In the buying of a field, she does not simply rush into property ownership.She considers it; meaning she wants to be sure that the property will serve the interests of the family and provide a good financial return, in this case a vineyard. The[…]


Shalom Brethren! Last Sunday’s topic was; ‘The works of the flesh [Romans 8:5-8, Gal 5: 16-21]’ there are three enemies that every child of God has to deal with; these include: lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life. The flesh is the sinful nature or old man]. It’s not the[…]

Today 9th May 2021 marks the 75th Anniversary of the existence of the United Bible Societies fellowship since her inauguration in 1945. UBS is a Global umbrella with a presence of Bible Societies in over 200 countries and territories. For over 140 years, less than 10 National Bible Societies existed with the objective of making[…]

Text: Proverbs 31:13-15This woman is diligent about her work of providing for her family. She intentionally seeks for the right materials, refusing to accept some other product or something of lesser value. When she finds what she needs, she eagerly and gladly makes garments for her family. Comparing her to merchant ships is a huge[…]

Text: Proverbs 31:1-12When God created Adam and Eve, they were the perfect couple, they were literally one flesh. Then the tempter deceived Eve into disobeying God by eating the forbidden fruit. Eve should have gone to Adam for consultative affirmation; but, instead, she listened to the serpent, and lost her husband’s trust. Then, after Adam[…]

Text: Proverbs 22:1-29As with other proverbs, this one uses an extreme example to instruct ourthinking. Very few skilled workmen will serve kings. The majority of qualityworkmen will live modest lives and have modest jobs. The point to learn isthat being a skilled, quality worker is honorable. Our prime goal in life is not to seek[…]

ACP UPDATE – Sunday 9th May 2021

The ACP Team is grateful to God for His faithfulness for the Cathedral Building project. We continue to execute phase 3 through Transition Works in small lots, despite the challenges affecting the construction and financial sectors. The site remains under restricted access. It is our prayer that by end of this year 2021, the pending[…]

Text: Proverbs 22:1-16 When the Bible was written, a person who borrowed money literally became a slave, or they were imprisoned, if they failed to repay (Mat.18:34). And even if enslavement did not physically happen, the borrower is always afraid that he cannot repay, that he will he beaten, then he cannot sleep, he gets[…]

Text: Proverbs 21:1-31One of the nice things about the Proverbs is the use of the writing method called parallelism. That means, the author will write something in one line and then say the same or opposite thing in the next line. In the verses for today, the sluggard who craves is the opposite of the[…]