This Ministry was started at the Cathedral to empower families. Its first chairperson was Canon Jolly Babirukamu followed by Mr. George Kihuguru and Charles Tukacungurwa 2010 to 2012 and Mrs. Mary Barahukwa 2012 to 2017. Mrs Alice Turyamureeba is the current chair person. This Ministry caters for interests of every adult member of the Cathedral by ensuring that they belong to one of its fellowships.

Family Life is an umbrella ministry coordinating the activities and programmes of the 7 fellowships namely;

Mothers’ Union(MU) – Mrs. Gladys Muhumuza:

This is for women wedded in Church.

Fathers’ Union (FU) – Mr. Benue Nankunda

For Christian men wedded in Church.

Young Marrieds (YM)– Mr. & Mrs. Peter Odeke

For men and women who are legally married but 15 or less years in marriage and who have accepted the Lord as their Saviour.

Ruth Fellowship (RF) – Mrs. Allen Byamugisha

For ladies who are legally wedded but have lost their husbands.

Christian Women Fellowship (CWF) – Mrs. Rufina Olowa

For Christian married or unmarried women of ASCK.

Seniors Ministry (SM) – Prof. Kagenda Atwoki

For Senior members of ASCK who are 60 years of age and above.

Destiny Fellowship (DF) – Mr. Ndugwa Moses

For men and women who are not yet married but old enough not to belong to the Youth Fellowship.

Rev. Irene Bagyera Akankwasa is our Priest in charge.


To enhance, through the fellowships, the carrying out of the Cathedral strategic objectives of Christ’s mission in preaching, teaching, healing, nurturing, prayer and building families on a Christian foundation.


  • To coordinate the activities of the fellowships through regular meetings so as to harmonize them and avoid conflict and unnecessary duplication.
  • To get the necessary information about activities, constraints and request of the various fellowships for feedback to the Council.
  • To ensure that fellowships operate within the laws, policies and guidelines of the Church of Uganda and All Saints Cathedral in particular.
  • To discuss and compile budgets of fellowships before being sent to the Council for approval.
  • To ensure efficient and cost effective use of Cathedral funds paid to the Fellowships.

Each of these Fellowships above has got its own strategic plan, activities and budgets and implement their own operations. Therefore, the Family Life Executive is composed of 7 Chairpersons and their Deputies and 3 other members of Council who normally volunteer to serve on this Committee and 3 other co-opted members. Therefore, the role of the Chairperson is to coordinate the activities of the Seven Fellowships, approve their budgets and ensure that they operate within their own constitution and within the guidelines of the Cathedral Strategic plan.

We invite you the good people of God to join the various fellowships and offer your services to God. Romans 12: 4-8. “Be a participant and not a spectator. Discover your abilities and celebrate serving God through the Church”.

Let Jesus take residence in us so that the world should notice a lasting change in us. 1 Cor. 6:19 and that Glory will return to Him.   Let us get involved in the lives of others and tell them about the love of Jesus. He is our only source of power. May God help you to join the Fellowships through activities where your calling resides. The services that we do for God may go un-praised by men but when we stand before the Lord, He will reward us. (Mathew 6:4, 6, & 18).

God bless you

Mrs. Mary Barahukwa

FAMILY LIFE MINISTRY