The passage of our sharing today is commonly seen as the manifesto of our Lord Jesus as seen in Luke 4:18-19.The prophesy presents Jesus as the anointed one, the messiah who was sent to bring Good News to the poor. Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus told his disciples to go and make disciples. Take the gospel to[…]


The ACP Team is grateful to God for His faithfulness for the Cathedral Building project. We continue to execute phase 3 through Transition Works in small lots, despite the challenges affecting the construction and financial sectors. The site remains under restricted access.It is our prayer that by end of this year 2021, the pending interiors[…]

Text: Psalm 34:1-22In the Hebrew verse 1 (look back to the lesson of October 7), we read about the circumstances behind this psalm. The story is a little comical, although largely sad. Yahweh was going to end King Saul’s reign in Israel because of the King’s sin (1 Sam.15) and then make David a king[…]

Text: Psalm 33:1-22This Psalm does not directly talk about distress and anxiety, but it does teach us to trust in the LORD, Yahweh. The writer reminds us that Yahweh created everything simply by speaking things into existence (v.6), He controls the mighty waters (v.7), and He has ultimate control over nations (v.10). Therefore, kings are[…]

Text: Psalm 3:1-8In the introduction before verse 1 (which is verse 1 in the Hebrew language), King David tells us that he wrote this Psalm about the time when he was being chased by his son, Absalom, who was trying to steal the throne. Absalom had gathered an army against his father, chased him out[…]

Text: Joshua 1:1-18When Moses died, Joshua became the leader of Israel. Three times in this passage Yahweh tells Joshua to be strong and courageous, and He says, do not be frightened or dismayed. Why would God say these things? It is because Joshua was afraid. He is taking over from Moses, the great leader. He[…]

Text: Genesis 3:1-16This chapter might be the saddest in the whole Bible. When Adam and Eve were first created, they used to spend time each day with their Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a sweet, blessed relationship. On the day they sinned (disobeyed God’s law), all the problems of humanity set in. When[…]

Text: 3 John 1-15It gives great joy to hear that one’s children are walking in the truth (v.4).Then you realize that your labour was not in vain. That God has honoured you by having children of faith. It takes labour, time, supervision, close watch and prayer to achieve this. Always take time to pray for[…]

Text: Titus 2:1-5To raise children of faith, young mothers should be taught how to do so (v.4). Many mothers do not know how to raise children of faith. To make matters worse, some mothers are not available as they go out to pursue their careers and come back to their respective homes late, with much[…]

Text: 2 Timothy 3:1-17Your integrity with the Word of God will lead many to be children of faith (v.14). Timothy is being encouraged; “…continue in what you have learned…knowing from whom you learned it” (v.14, ESV). People will learn from you basing on your integrity and walk with the Lord. Therefore, mind what you say[…]