Text: Proverbs 3: 1-12If you fear the Lord and turn away from evil, your body will be healed and refreshed (vv.7-8). Do not rely on your wisdom and understanding, depend on God’s revelation and move away from evil. There are evil practices that hurt our bodies and bring about poor health. It is only in[…]

Text: Psalm 147:1-20Many things break our hearts; relationships, diseases, poverty and jobs. However, the Lord heals them all (v.3). He binds our wounds. We are wounded people and we yearn for healing. The healer is our God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Meditate on verse 3. What is God teaching you in this verse?My heavenly[…]

Text: Psalm 119:137-144The Bible encourages us that when we are in trouble and anguished, God’s commandments, meaning His Word comforts us! (v.143). Without comfort from the Word of God the challenges of life can overwhelm us and cause us to acquire diseases like diabetes hypertension and cancers. Jesus calls those who are troubled and are[…]

Text: Psalm 119:89-96If you want good life, meaning good health, obey God’s Word (v.93).Forgetting, means disobedience. Study and apply God’s Word in your life. If you obey God’s Word, then you will not live a reckless life. You will neither eat nor drink things that will cause your body to degenerate. Meditate on verse 93.[…]

Text: Psalm 34:1-22God cares for His faithful (v.18). He is near to those who are broken hearted and He rescues those who are crushed in the spirit. To them God is willing to heal and give good health. Jesus Christ said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Mat.[…]

Text: Psalm 6:1-10When you are suffering, both, physically and spiritually, it is only God who can heal you and take away pain from your bones (v.2). Our God is Jehovah Rapha (The Lord who heals) (Exod. 15:26). He restores or heals the emotional and physical needs of the people. (Jer. 30:17; 3:22; Isa 30:26; 61:1;[…]

Text Exodus 23: 20-33God promises His children that they should serve only Him and He will bless their bread and water and take away sickness from amidst them (v.25). The requirement for this is to serve the Living God only and not any other god. God cannot and will never share His glory with any[…]

Text: Exodus 15: 1-27Good health comes from listening to the Word of God (v.26). You are not to only listen to the Word of God, but to apply it to your lives. You need to be diligent in listening, do what is right in the eyes of God and keep all His commandments, then good[…]

Text: Genesis 1:1-31From the beginning God had wanted man to eat more of plants and fruits (v.29). Even today we are encouraged to eat the same; green vegetables, fruits and legumes in order to avoid or control diseases like diabetes and pressure. God created more plants for the purpose of keeping us healthy. Follow through[…]

Text: Revelation 22:14-21In the beginning of the Bible, we read the sad story of Adam and Eve sinning against God and being removed from the Garden (Gen.3), prevented from eating of the tree of life, and there was nothing they could do to change that. However, God did make the only way to return to[…]