Need for a new Cathedral

All Saints’ Building project actively started in 2004; following a needs assessment survey which ranked the need for adequate worship space as prime. All Saints’ Cathedral Building Committee (ACP) was appointed in 2009 as the successor committee of the Archbishop’s Building Committee (ABC). It was mandated to spearhead the building of a new Diocesan Cathedral in order to address the need for worship space and other attendant cathedral facilities. This in addition entailed acquiring additional land, master planning the available land and managing the extensive building project and its ensuing sub-projects. .. READ MORE >>



The new sanctuary, which is being constructed on Plot 6 Lugard Road, will have capacity to seat at least 4,000 people.

It will have 150 parking spaces, in addition to offices, and other public facilities.


It is being constructed in three (3) phases i.e.

  • Phase 1 involves foundations, retaining structures, lower basement for parking, upper basement for offices, and ground floor (main sanctuary);
  • Phase 2 includes superstructure frame, two (2) galleries, vestries, bell tower, and roofing; and
  • Phase 3 will involve finishings, furnishings, equipment, etc.

This will serve only as a parking lot and accommodates 110 vehicles at full hold.

Lower Ground/ Upper Basement
An additional 40 vehicles will be parked on this level; apart from mainly accommodating the following offices: the office of the Provost, Vicar, four additional priests, two accounts offices, administration office, front office, meeting room and a strong room. The Diocesan Offices will also be located on this level. These include; the Bishop’s office, the Assistant Bishop, the Diocesan Secretary and Treasurer, Front office and various secretaries. There will be rooms for visitors lounge/dining room, bookshop/printery, kitchen and rest rooms.

Ground Floor
This level will have the main altar with the seat of the Bishop, canon seats, choir gallery, and clergy seating, the pulpit and the lectern. Behind the altar there will be an alternate vestry also leading to a sacristy (a room for keeping vestments and other church valuables) and a changing room. There will be a congregational seating of 2500 people, two chapels, ushers, the clergy vestry and a crèche (where mothers and other baby minders will be able to discharge their responsibilities without feeling that they are disrupting the ongoing service). It will be glass-paneled with sound-proof properties and fitted with speakers such that those in creche will not miss out on the proceedings.

First Gallery/Mezzanine
An additional seating capacity of 800 people is available on this level, the sound and control room will also be located on this level.

Second Gallery/Mezzanine
This level will contain an extra seating capacity of about 700 people.


The entire construction project is estimated to cost UShs 26.158 billion inclusive of VAT.

Phase 1, which is underway is costing UShs 4,898,020,925 plus VAT.

Phase 2 is estimated to cost UShs 4,028,614,915.

Phase 3 is estimated to cost UShs 13,241,745,350 net of VAT.


Phase 1 which commenced in December 2010 will be completed by end of May 2012.

Phase 2 & 3 are programmed to be completed in the next three years.


      1. Archbishop and Bishop of Kampala Diocese
      2. Provost
      3. Cathedral Council. The cathedral appoints the ACP Team on behalf of the Provost. It monitors the progress and needs of the project.
      4. The ACP Team.   A project of this magnitude requires able and upright people to see it through to its completion. To meet this challenge, a building committee comprising of nine members is currently spear-heading the project on behalf of the Cathedral Council.

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  • ROOFED CATHEDRAL BY 30th NOVEMBER, 2012; to coincide with Centenary Celebrations.
  • RAISE USHS 500M PER MONTH (UGX 6 Billion Annually).

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