Text: Proverbs 15: 1-20The generation that will live by faith heed the reproof of their parents (v.5). A wise child who is to live by faith, shows a humble teachable attitude, correction and instruction. It is a wise generation that will eventually live by faith, focusing on God.Meditate on verse 5. What is God teaching[…]

Text: Proverbs 13:1-25Discipling your child is key in shaping him to live by faith (v.24). For a child to live by faith does not come automatically and is not natural. It needs constant shepherding and guidance, focusing him to the Lord. And in all this discipline is key, and where need be use the stick[…]

Text: Proverbs 12:1-28A child that will live by faith must love discipline (v.1). Such a child will appreciate the guidance of his parents. If you are disciplined then you will acquire knowledge and wisdom. We know wisdom comes from God (Prov. 9:10). So if you want your generation to live by faith then discipling them[…]

Text: Proverbs 1:1-19A generation that will live by faith in the Lord must listen to their parents’ instructions and teachings (v.8). These children become ornaments before God and men. It is important that a parent instructs and teaches his children in godly ways then they will live to trust God and live for Him. You[…]

Text: Psalm 128: 1-6If, as a parent, you fear the Lord, your children will be like olive shoots (v.3), meaning that your children will be precious before God. A precious child before God is the child that lives by faith, trusting God, the Almighty.These are children who trust God and they do all they can[…]

Text: Psalm 127:1-5Children are inheritance from the Lord (vv.3-5). They are a gift from Him therefore depend on God for you to raise them up. You depend on God by earnestly praying for them, and diligently teaching them the Word of God. Focus your children onto their Maker, then you will raise a generation that[…]

Text: Psalm 113: 1-9You must appreciate that children come from God (v.9). Therefore, you must focus them to the One who gave them to you. Then the children will know God and trust Him. Thus discipling a generation that trusts in God. Parents should disciple their children diligently knowing that they are gifts from God.[…]

Text: Psalm 112: 1-10A man who fears the Lord and delights in His Word will be rewarded with a generation of upright and blessed offspring (vv.1-2). For you to raise children that will live by faith, you need to fear the Lord by studying and applying His Word to your life. You should live a[…]

Text: Psalm 78: 1-20You should teach your children not to forget the works of God (vv.5-7). It is important for parents to teach their children to have hope in God (v.7). The children should be taught the Word of God and also be able to teach the coming generations. These should be a form of[…]

Text: 1 Samuel 2:22-36Make sure that your child grows both in stature and in favour with God and man (v.26). As you raise up a child aim at both physical and spiritual aspects. As you look for physical food, also look for spiritual food. Teach your child to love God, to pray and to trust[…]