Text: Nehemiah 5:1-19The wall is not yet finished, but Nehemiah learned that some of the wealthypeople were mistreating the poor, lending them money and imposing highrates on interest of them, and even taking property and children as payment! Yahweh said through Moses that His people should freely loan to the poorand charge no interest (Lev.25:35-37).[…]

Text: Nehemiah 4:1-23As the people of God are re-building the walls, the enemies became very angry and visited the construction site. The enemies mocked the builders, saying the work was impossible to do, and what they did was weak. However, the project continued; and it was later learned that the enemies were going to come[…]

Text: Nehemiah 3:1-32Nehemiah examined the damage around Jerusalem (2:13), he knew what had to be done, and he called the people to the task. This chapter is a list of those participating in the re-building of the Jerusalem wall. The priests helped (v.1), some of the skilled craftsmen worked (v.31), etc., but sadly some of[…]

Nehemiah 2:1-20The King was willing to let Nehemiah go to Jerusalem to do the work ofrestoring the wall. Nehemiah made many requests to the King (passports,materials, etc.) and the King granted them all. The reason is not simply because King Artaxerxes favoured Nehemiah. It is because God was at work (vv.8, 18), including using the[…]

Jesus presents himself as a good godly leader, an example to be followed by all leaders. The one who does not follow his example is a thief and robber. Many of the leaders in Israel had become thieves and robbers as it is stated in Ezekiel 34:1-6, Jeremiah 12: 10, 23:1-4, 50:6, Zechariah 11:16-17, Isaiah[…]

Text: Nehemiah 1:1-11Nehemiah receives a visit from his brother, who tells Nehemiah about the sad state Jerusalem is in – the people and the wall. Nehemiah is greatly grieved, he fasts for a number of days, as he prays. First, he confesses the sin of Israel as a nation, then he acknowledges that the exile[…]

ACP Update for 10th January 2021

The ACP Team continues to thank God for His faithfulness for the Cathedral Building project through the tough year and lock-down season. Phase 3 works are ongoing and hence the site remains under restricted access. This year 2020 has been optimized through Transition Works in small lots, despite the continuing effect of the Covid-19 pandemic[…]

Text: Ezra 10:1-44People from all over Judah are summoned to assemble in Jerusalem. Those who do not attend are to have all their property taken, and are further threatened with excommunication (v.8). Why such a harsh stance? The reason is that the integrity of the nation was at stake. If the people did not maintain[…]

Text: Ezra 9:1-15This issue of marrying foreigners is an extremely important one for us tounderstand and obey. The issue is not about forbidding marriage to nonIsraelites. Ezra’s concern is about marriage to persons who do not believe.Remember that Rahab (the prostitute from Jericho) was rescued by Joshua and brought into the nation of Israel (Jos.6:25).[…]

Text: Ezra 8:1-36In the first part of this chapter there is a long list of those who will be travelling with Ezra to Jerusalem. Then we read of a special call to fasting and prayer, vv.21-23. Why? Ezra was concerned about the safety of their journey. Apparently the king offered to send soldiers for protection,[…]