Text: Matthew 17:1-27At the mountain, Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus and talked to Him, why Moses and Elijah? (v.3). This is because the Law and Prophets testify to Jesus Christ. Therefore, Moses the law giver and Elijah one of the greatest prophetsof Israel; their witness of Christ at the mountain was paramount. Jews highly[…]

Text: Matthew 16:1-28We saw earlier Jesus calling Peter “Blessed”, (16:17) and then later rebuking him thus; “…Get behind me, Satan!…” v.23, ESV). This should teach us that even a good person is susceptible to the devil’s temptation. Satan can even use an unsuspecting dear friend or situation to attack you. It is important to clearly[…]

Text: Matthew 11:1-30You are indeed burdened and weary; Jesus is calling you for rest (v.28). There are many things that make us weary; sicknesses, needs, relationships. It is important to admit that you are weak and, therefore need to respond to the calling of Jesus Christ that calls you to Him for rest. The people[…]

Text: Mathew 10:1-42Jesus foresaw the danger of His disciples in the mission field like sheep amongst the wolves. He, therefore, warns them to be wise like serpents and innocent as doves (v.16). To be wise they needed to be prudent, and shrewd as snakes at the same time, while being called to be as transparent[…]

Text: Matthew 9:1-38In this chapter we see the power and empathy of Jesus Christ in healing to: (1).The physically unwell like the paralytic (vv. 2-8) and; (2). The souls of people by forgiving their sins (v.2).For Jesus to say that the harvest is “plentiful”, he was emphasizing the proclamation of the gospel. The laborers are[…]

Text: Matthew 8:1-34Jesus Christ healed the leper (vv.1-4); He healed the servant of the Centurion(v.13), He healed Peter’s mother-in-law (v.15); He calmed the storm (v.26) and He delivered two men from demons (v.29). Surprisingly in the midst of these astonishing miracles, some people in thisregion valued possessions more than the lives of their people, for[…]

Text: Matthew 7: 13-29Jesus Christ teaches that in life there are two roads: the broad and narrow(vv.13-14). The broad road is big and easy to be found by many, you do notstruggle to find it, it comes naturally and it leads to destruction. To the contrary, the small road leads to a small gate and[…]

Text: Matthew 7:1-12This chapter is the continuation of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus continues to teach on several things like not judging others (v.1) because this could mean failure to forgive them (6:14). However, one can gently and humbly rebuke as one admits one’s own fault. Jesus goes ahead and teaches that; do not[…]

Text: Job 42:1-17Job humbly repents of his foolishness in wanting to question God the way he did. God is the Sovereign and Job is just a creature. Yahweh tells the three friends that He is not pleased with what they said. Their beliefs about God were wrong. So, He instructs them to bring a sacrifice[…]


Shalom Brethren. Last Sunday’s topic was; Until I Deborah Arose [Judges 5:1-7].This portion of scripture is part of the song of victory Deborah was singing with Barak.Since it was a result of the battle they had fought and won as mentioned in Judges Chp 4. Such a phrase Until I Deborah Arose raises questions such[…]