Rev. Hillary Jaffu

Rev. Hillary Jaffu

Serving God with Fear and Trembling means having a deep reverence for God. It means taking our relationship with Him as a number one priority…its all about trusting and depending on Him. Serving God with Fear and Trembling means Obeying God rather than Human Authority. Obedience means giving up your own will and allowing God’s will to take over.

It means religuishing your money,resources,time,gifts and your desire to
remain in control totally believing that when God is in control nothing can get out of control.Serving God with Fear and trembing means avoiding the attractions and destructions of the world. (Mathew 19:16-22) shows us how the young rich man was not willing to let go of the worldly attractions and focus on serving God whole heartedly…….its these attractions that make people to treat God with contempt. Serving God with Fear and Trembling requires perseverance and resolution, it calls for zeal. Roman 12:11-12 warns us about being slothful in zeal and rather encourages us to be fervent in spirit and to remain consistent in prayer as we serve the Lord.

Genesis 22:3, Abraham demostrated serving God with fear and trembling when he promptly obeyed God and showed his full commitment to God. Abraham did not hesitate to sacrifice his only child of promise at the request of God! what is it that God is asking you to sacrifice?

Brethlen, if we are going to serve God with Fear and Trembling, we must intergrate our lives with the Holy Spirit. (Acts 9:17) when Saul had an encounter with the Holy Spirt, he moved from serving God in the flesh to serving with fear and tembling.He allowed the Holy Spirit to work in his life and a result he became the unanswereable advocate of Jesus’ messianic identity.

As I conclude, serving God in Fear and trembling is connected to your relationship with God. (Philipians 2:12-13), Paul appeals to us to work out our salvation in fear and trembing. and this calls for total sanctification which can only happen if we obey and surrender our lives for complete transformation…….

Remember, we are not saved by serving but we are saved to serve!

Rev.Hillary Jaffu.
Assistant Provost.