Exodus 1:1-22Because of a famine, Jacob and his family left their home in Canaan and settled in Egypt. Life was good for them there, and they began to increase in number.They became so populous that the king of Egypt and his people became afraid of the Israelites. It was decided that Israelites should be forced[…]

Text: Genesis 31:1-55After Jacob deceived his brother, Esau, into giving him his (Esau’s) inheritance, he ran away because Esau threatened to kill him. Jacob went to live with his Uncle, Laban, who gave him work in an ultimate exchange for his daughter Leah (whom Jacob loved). Laban continued to cheat and deceive Jacob for twenty[…]

Text: Genesis 4:11-26In this chapter, we read of Cain killing his younger brother, Abel. Abel’s offering to Yahweh was accepted; but Cain’s offering was rejected (vv.4-5). So out of jealousy and anger, Cain killed Abel. The punishment Cain received was in twoparts: 1). the ground would no longer produce for him; and 2). he would[…]

Text: Genesis 4:1-10One of the purposes of verse 2 is to show that the cultural mandate, the requirement to work, continues, even though man sinned and was separated from God’s presence. If laboring were ended by sin, that would have beentaught here. We also see in verse 2 that labor included farming and animal husbandry,[…]

Genesis 3:14-24God promised Adam that disobedience would bring death (2:17).When Adam disobeyed God by sinning, he and Eve died, they were separated from God’s blessed presence, facing an eternity of misery. The earth also came under a curse (v.17). Although the image of God is still with each of us, it is severely marred. However,[…]

Text: Genesis 2:18-19Why did God make this statement? Was He unaware that being alone was not good? Of course God knew. God knows because He is not alone. God is three Persons (yet one God), and in verse 18 One Person is speaking to the other Two.God’s observation about aloneness is to bring the problem[…]

Text: Genesis 2:15-17This passage reminds us that man was put in the garden by God to care for the garden. It is not a job that man chose, but God put him there to work and for man’s own well-being. One of the man’s responsibilities was to “keep” or “guard” the garden. We are getting[…]

Text: Genesis 2:9-14We have already seen that God commanded man to work the garden and make it flourish. But our passage for today shows that God has already done the work of planting and growing. As Jesus said, the farmer scatters the seed, but he does not know how the seed sprouts and grows (Mark[…]

Text: Genesis 1:26-31The capstone, the high point of God’s work of creation, is the making of man in the image of the triune God, “…Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” (v.26, ESV). It is a declaration which puts humanity above all other creatures, whether stars or animals or anything. The next[…]

Text: Genesis 1:1-25The first verse of the Bible teaches that God always existed, and that He is the Creator of absolutely everything else. Even though all things come into existence by God speaking them into existence (Gen.1:3; Heb.11:3), it is God’s work. But God does not leave the universe to continue on its own while[…]