Text: Jeremiah 41:1-18 Earlier in Chapter 40:14-16) Johanan had warned Gedaliah of pending danger but Gedaliah took it lightly. Now the worst has happened to him (vv.2-3). He did not use information from his intelligence. Ishmael went ahead, using the same trickery, to kill those who had come to mourn the fall of Jerusalem (v.5).[…]

Text: Jeremiah 40:1-16 It is interesting to note that Nebuzaradan, the captain of the guard recognized that the living God gave victory to them against the children of God and could not believe in this very God (vv.2-3). It is one thing to know God and another to know about God. Nebuzaradan knew about God.[…]

Text: Jeremiah 39:1-18 After the fall of Jerusalem, Nebuzaradan, the commander of the guard, carried away everyone except some of the poor people who owned nothing (v.10). This was Babylonian policy concerning the conquered communities, they would carry away the rich and important people and leave behind very poor people in charge. This would make[…]

Text: Jeremiah 38:1-28 The officials, with the consent of the King, cast Jeremiah into the cistern to die (v.6). Thanks be to God for the Ethiopian, Ebed-Melech, who had influence in the King’s house helped to rescue Jeremiah from death in the cistern. For the King to be sitting at the Benjamin gate (v.7), meant[…]

Africa has experienced a long period of exploitation and stigmatization dating back to the first millennium but two recent events have cast a sharp spotlight on the continued oppression of Africans both in the continent and in the diaspora. The outbreak of COVID-19 has exposed widespread racism against Africans from China, the Arab world, Europe,[…]

Text: Jeremiah 37:1-21 Zedekiah hates God and His prophet, Jeremiah, but interestingly he urges Jeremiah to pray for him, and he calls God “our God” (v.3). They hated God yet they wanted His blessings. Many people through their actions, hate God yet they often seek His blessings. Since Jeremiah was in a dungeon and had[…]

Text: Jeremiah 36:1-32 God tells Jeremiah to write all the Words that God had told him against Israel and Judah, thinking may be if they hear the Words once again they would repent and the impending punishment would be averted (vv.1-3). And it would be read to them at a time of praying and fasting[…]

Text: Jeremiah 35:1-19 For two hundred years the Recabites had obeyed their ancestors’ vow, by sharp contrast, while the children of God were breaking God’s covenant (vv.13-17). God used Jeremiah to test the Recabites with wine to show their commitment. It is important to note the contrast between the Recabites and God’s children: (1). The[…]

The African Exodus

Africa is both a place and a people. Africa refers to the continental landmass and its associated islands that cover 20 percent of the earth’s landmass.Africa also refers to the people who descended from Ham, the son of Noah, and specifically the two sons of Ham; Cush, and Misraim (also referred toas Egypt). Egypt in[…]

Text: Jeremiah 34:1-22 In this chapter, Jeremiah delivers two messages: (1). That Zedekiah, King of Judah, will be taken captive to Babylon and will die there in peace (vv.1-7); (2). Jeremiah proclaims the impending doom that will befall both the princes and the people of Judah for their unfaithfulness to God (vv.8-11). At this point,[…]