Text: Luke 23:50-56Many church traditions refer to this day as Holy Saturday, or some similar title, to emphasize the importance of the day between Christ’s crucifixion and His resurrection, when Jesus was in the tomb. The Gospels say very little about what happened on that day, which was the Jewish Sabbath. Luke 23:56 mentions that[…]

Text: Matthew 27:27-50 Today is commonly called “Good Friday”. It is good because it is the day that Jesus went to the cross to pay the penalty for His people’s sin.Christ’s anguish brought us peace with God. However, before that was accomplished, He was humiliated. The Scripture does not say it explicitly,but Jesus would have[…]

Text: John 13:1-38Today is Maundy Thursday. Maundy is an old English word, derived from Latin, which means “command”. In this passage, Jesus washes the feet of His disciples. Ordinarily we would expect the disciples to wash the feet of Jesus, who is God the eternal Son, Creator and Sustainer of all things. Instead, Jesus washes[…]

TEXT: MATTHEW 4:1-25When Jesus was about to enter His national public ministry, at about the age of thirty, God the Holy Spirit led Him into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil (Matt.4:1). We should remember that God does not tempt anyone (Jam.1:13). Jesus spent forty days without eating; so, He was extremely hungry.[…]

TEXT: 2 CHRONICLES 20:1-37At the time when Judah was about to be attacked by a combined enemy force, the families of Judah; little ones, children and wives called upon the Living God (v.13). That men, women, children; (infant, juvenile andgrown up) stood together in the presence of God.The parents in redeemed families focus the entire[…]

TEXT: JOSHUA 24:1-33Joshua challenged the children of Israel to choose who to serve; the Living God of the Bible or the gods of their fathers and gods of Amorites in whose land they were dwelling (v.15). After rejecting the true God, it is now an irony that the children of Israel are being asked to[…]

TEXT: 1 THESSALONIANS 5:1-28Our God is God of order, therefore, you need to be orderly in your prayers. The Bible talks of morning and evening sacrifices in the Temple (Num. 28:3-4). Those times were appointed and written loadedly with meaning. In the New Testament, we are encouraged to pray all the time (v.17); unfortunately, many[…]

TEXT: COLOSSIANS 4:1-18Sometimes the devil will discourage you from praying; whispering to you that you have already had family prayer, you are tired and sleepy, you are late for an activity, you will pray later etc. You are encouraged to continue steadfastly in prayer (v.2). You can even pray silently as you walk downthe street[…]

TEXT: JOHN 16:1-15The Holy Spirit Who guided the New Statement writers to put down what we have in the Bible is still at work (v.13). Allow Him to work in your life moment by moment. There are items that we need and treasure, and must pray for every day. However, avoid using certain “colourful” words[…]

TEXT: JOHN 11:38-44One can pray to God in any posture: Abraham fell upon his face (Gen.12:3, 17); Moses prayed with raised hands (Exod. 9:27-29) while King Solomon knelt in prayer (1 King 8:54) and Jesus Christ prayed looking up to heaven (v.41), It is important to note that, in prayer, we are on “Holy ground”,[…]