Like any other ministry, Sunday is work day; it’s the day when the servants of the Kingdom are put to the test. More so the day when the shepherd and the flock come head to head. Same goes for the outreach team, of whom I was a part of. Time-check is 7am and there I[…]


Sermon by Rev. Diana Nkesiga Sermon notes by Bernard Kwiringira AM seeing sports gala, its remaining me of the world and all those things. Its really good to be here, first things first, Canon Michael, people have been a bit worried, but lest clear the air, am at St. Francis Makerere university and I mainly[…]

Aligning to God’s Will

By: Ivan Naijuka Rev Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye has implored Christians at All Saints’ Cathedral to align their lives to Christ in order to receive His full mercies.  Canon Nyegenye said these words while preaching at All Saints on Sunday 17 June 2018 in the three Main services. Giving the origin of fall of man[…]

Praise the lord, It has been of great honor and asked to be the preacher of the day here at Namugongo, I dont want to embrace the great kigezi region, pray for me as I preach because we trust the lord up to the end- (paka last). My spiritual life was mentored by the church[…]

Glorious Hope

Sermon Notes by Bridgette Nalumu 20/05/2018 Sermon: Glorious Hope By Nate Mulindwa Background: Romans 1:17; 3:21-24; 4:25. 1. Peace with God through Jesus. Colossians 1:21-22 – The things that truly matter go beyond the here and now. – We can have all the things that we want and still miss the point. – The most[…]

Testimony by Mr. Kashumba Charles

17/5/2018 was my fifty fifth birthday. I thank God for the protection and provisions. 55 years comes with the news of retiring from Uganda Revenue Authority where I worked for 21years. I was appointed to URA on 16/5/1997.(URA has an age limit of 55years) I thank God for his guidance through the 21 years and[…]

The presence of Jesus brings Peace

By: Ivan Naijuka The archbishop of the Anglican communion of North America, The Most Rev. Foley Beach has challenged the congregation at All Saints’ Cathedral – Kampala to continue being faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ. “I rejoice and give thanks to God for the Church of Uganda for remaining steadfast in the teachings of the[…]

#YOMz #yomsfellowship 13-04-2018 What is God’s Given potential and How to discover it. By:Zac Kisembo REVIEW A life that is fully surrounded and supported of God and the only reason you stand and succeed is because of God. Walk in love ???? and share the word of God. To discover your potential is to detest[…]

Victory for the Doubtful

“Victory for the Doubtful” Sermon by Mr. Seguya Paul John 20:19-29 Doubt:- believing that there is another truth. Doubting the resurrection. Why would Thomas doubt that Christ rose again? Remember the Disciples were closest to Jesus. So even when you are the most fire spitting and demon chasing, sometimes you doubt. Whose report do you[…]


Good morning Saints and we welcome you to our worship assembly today (eklezia) and pray you will be blessed as we worship together and that you will take your place as a witness of the resurrected Christ to those among whom you live. The Christ event includes a foretelling of a Virgin birth; death resurrection of this Christ[…]