Text: Galatians 1:1-24. Paul goes right into the gist of the matter. He marvels at the Galatians who soon had lost the ‘’Grace of Christ’’! He states that whoever should preach any other gospel is and should be accursed! (vv. 8, 9). He states like in Romans 16:18, that the perversion of the gospel had[…]

Text: Acts 28:1-31. When Paul finally arrived in Rome, he was allowed to stay under house arrest rather than in a prison. He contacted the local Jews and invited them to come to his residence so that he could speak to them about Jesus (vv.17, 20-22). On a certain day, the Jews came to him[…]

Text: Acts 27:1-44. Paul the Apostle is headed for Rome, and in his days travel by sea was faster than over land. He and his friends were put aboard a ship that was going to sail close to the northern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. A great storm blew up and for a long time[…]

Acts 25:1- 26:1-32. The Lord Jesus Christ is using the civil governments to accomplish His plan and purpose in bringing Paul to the city of Rome (23:11). We should remember that Jesus is Lord over all things – He is the Creator and Sustainer of all things. In fact, Paul says that the civil governments[…]

Text: Acts 24:1-27. The meditation for today is similar to yesterday’s – persevering in difficult circumstances. Paul was imprisoned and examined in court (vv. 24-27). But he does not compromise his beliefs, as if that would set him free. Regardless of what happens to him, he speaks the truth. Notice v. 25, what Paul said[…]


Like any other ministry, Sunday is work day; it’s the day when the servants of the Kingdom are put to the test. More so the day when the shepherd and the flock come head to head. Same goes for the outreach team, of whom I was a part of. Time-check is 7am and there I[…]


Sermon by Rev. Diana Nkesiga Sermon notes by Bernard Kwiringira AM seeing sports gala, its remaining me of the world and all those things. Its really good to be here, first things first, Canon Michael, people have been a bit worried, but lest clear the air, am at St. Francis Makerere university and I mainly[…]

Aligning to God’s Will

By: Ivan Naijuka Rev Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye has implored Christians at All Saints’ Cathedral to align their lives to Christ in order to receive His full mercies.  Canon Nyegenye said these words while preaching at All Saints on Sunday 17 June 2018 in the three Main services. Giving the origin of fall of man[…]

ACP Updates (Sunday 17th June 2018)

Phase 2 works are progressing within the overall schedule. ACP Team wishes to extend their gratitude and blessings for all your contributions. We appeal to you to remain prayerful for the project and to choose to consistently give as you honour God. A. Financial Status: Summary of collections for the month of June 2018 Financial[…]

Praise the Lord! Reflecting on the Theme ‘Man’s response to the Ways of God’, the Revd. Canon Diana Mirembe Nkesiga firmly pointed out that the entire Bible Salvation Story(ries) as well as the different manifestations of God’s supremacy in the World talks about and reveals God’s response to Humanity! Utilizing both [Luke15: 11-20 and Jonah[…]