On the day when pentecost happened, the coming of the Holy Spirit was Experienced by the New Testament church. In Old Testament this day used to be was a Jewish feast held 50 days after Passover. The firstfruits of the wheat harvest were celebrated. In the Jewish rituals of that time, the first sheaf reaped[…]

Mary’s day has been dedicated to Mother’s Union celebrating marriage and enhancing their commitment as Godly mothers and wives. However it is important to reflect , model and evaluate on Mary’s character in relation to the mothers Union members, as we celebrate today. She was a woman devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. Devotion is about[…]

We are still in the Easter season serving and trusting in the power of the resurrected Lord. It is very important for every individual to know that our service is futile without the grace of God. It is by grace that we are saved. Service begins at the cross of Jesus where he emptied his[…]

John the Baptist appeared suddenly at the river bank and began to preach the gospel of repentance. It was a simple yet challenging message, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”(Matthew 3:2)His opponents that confronted him always were the Pharisee and Sadducees who were the scholars of the time seeking to show their[…]

Refreshing Repentance

Repentance is that sincere connection helping us to turn away from sin and walk righ with God. In our text today, Acts 3:11-23, the commnunication flowing from earlier verses reveal that, people were surprised after Peter healed the beggar. This gave him the ground to preach and call them to a genuine turn around from[…]


As we celebrate our seniors (Above 60 Years), we shall pick some lessons from Simeon and Annah, the elderly heroes in Luke 2:21-40 in birth narratives of Jesus.They were devoted to God but had a kind of distress that they needed deliverance from. They needed comfort in their time of loss and disappointment. According to[…]


Every believer is expected to grow; be like Christ daily for use in the Kingdom of God. In Biology Growth is the increase in mass and size of a body or organs. It typically occurs through the multiplication of cells and an increase in intracellular substance.Development is physiological and functional maturation of the organism. It[…]

Today we are dealing with some profound truths in relation to the position of Christ’s rule and ultimately the connection of Believers in this. From our main passage ; Vs. 15-17, Apostle Paul continues to thank God for the Christians who have received Christ and he prays for them to have the Spirit of Wisdom[…]

In our text today, we realise that redemption from Christ gives us victory and allows us enter in God’s purposes for our lives. Our overcoming is connected to God and ourselves; Christians. God in His much care and love sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins on the cross. He has made available His[…]

*Fasting is a Christian’s voluntary abstinence from food and other legitimate enjoyments such as, TV, internet browsing, recreation, entertainment among others for Spiritual purposes. Prayer is communication with God. Tom Ascol in his Article presents comments made by other Christians on Prayer and Fasting:- D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones“Whenever men are to pray to God concerning any[…]