Text: 1 Timothy 5:14-25. If you are a Church Minister and you lead with transparency as you clearly present the Word of God, then you deserve a double reward; honor and all the finances attached (v.17). Let us not mistreat our leaders; they need honor because of the diligence they work with and they deserve good financial remuneration.[…]

Text: 1 Timothy 5:1-13 A hard working widow, who has a reputation for good works and has worked hard to bring up her children is appreciated. She is also very hospitable amongst her many gifts (vv. 9-10). Such widows should be rewarded in our society. To raise up godly children is hard work. To be hospitable to people is a[…]

Text: 2 Thessalonians 3:6-18 The Bible warns us to avoid idleness and being lazy bodies, instead endeavor to have something to do (vv. 11-12). When you are idle chances are high that the devil will use you, you begin rumor mongering, back biting and interfering with other people’s businesses. When you have work, be focused, and this glorifies God. We[…]

Text: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-28 Let us encourage and appreciate our leaders and fellow workers who work through many things (vv.12-13). They think ahead of us, put in extra time, guide us into the future. Therefore such people need appreciation. Let us appreciate our leaders, spiritual and civil for the hard work they are involved in. Meditate on verses 12-13.[…]

Text: 1Thessalonians 4:1-18 The Bible encourages us to be humble, and also to work with our hands (v.11). This will lead us to be good examples for others in humility, and not beggars; thus, eating the fruit of our labour (Psalm 128:2). Meditate on verse 11. How are you going to apply it to your life?[…]

Text: 1 Thessalonians 2:1-20 The disciples worked hard, day and night to support themselves in order not to be a burden to the followers (v.9). Remember this was for a period and specific reason, therefore do not use it as an excuse not to support the missionary work! Even when Paul had the right to get financial support[…]

Text: Colossians 3:18-25 The Bible encourages us to work heartily as to the Lord, and not to man (v. 23). If you know, as you work, that you are accountable to God and not to man, it will save you from grumbling and cheating. Every challenge you face, you will treat it as a cost of discipleship; the cost[…]

Text: Philippians 4:10-23 Always rely on Christ’s power as you execute your work (v.13). The power of Christ in you will enable you to face all situations of life with contentment. On your own you will fail. Do not rely on your experience, training or energy; rely on the power of God through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Lord[…]

Text: Philippians 2:1-18 The Bible encourages us to do all things without grumbling or questioning (v.14). Why should we not grumble? Because grumbling gives a false impression of Jesus Christ and the gospel, especially whenever practiced in the church of Christ. Grumbling drains a lot of energy and denies the unifying power of Jesus Christ. Grumbling was the main sin[…]

Text: Ephesians 4:17-32 The Lord requires you to work hard honestly (v.28). Do not grow rich by fraud, deceitful practices or oppression as it is common in our generation. But work hard, honestly and give some of the gains to the poor. We are created to be creative and industrious; otherwise idleness or love for money will tempt us[…]