Rev. Hillary Jaffu is an ordained priest since 6 November 2005. He joined All Saints’ Cathedral, Kampala on January 01, 2015, from St. Francis Chapel Makerere where he had served for 6 years.
Hillary holds a MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from Makerere University and a Bachelor of Divinity from Uganda Christian University.
Born on June 26, 1982 in the family of five girls and two boys to Geoffrey and Miriam Jaffu in the southern district of Mangochi in Malawi, Hillary was raised in a Christian home full of principles, and disciplinarian in nature.

Coupled with the high Church’s emphasis on Church traditions and orderly worship, Hillary grew up in the Church as an “Acolyte” (Altar server). His encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ was quite dramatic.

In 1990, he accepted Jesus at a young age, amidst contextual beliefs that do not emphasize being born again, since he was already serving at the altar, they thought he was already born again!

His climax encounter with the Lord Jesus, was in an open vision at night in 2002, at around 2 am. “The Lord asked me a question, ‘Have I not commanded you… about your call to ministry?’ explains Rev Hillary.

This event changed his life, and led to a series of ministerial formation, which resulted into joining the Theological Education at an affiliated College of the University of Malawi, and later furthering his studies at Uganda Christian University in 2006.

Currently, Hillary is the Assistant Provost since 1 August 2021. When he joined All Saints’ Cathedral, Kampala in January 2015, he first headed the Initiation and Social services Ministry, Priest in Charge of New Field Nursery School, Priest in Charge of Prayer and Intercession, and Manager of the All Saints’ Cathedral building Project (ACP). Prior to this, Hillary served at St Francis Chapel MUK from 2008 to 2014.

Rev. Jaffu is passionate about the Prayer Ministry; specifically Deliverance Ministry.
He believes that there is no intervention without intercession. He is also passionate about teaching the word of God, Counseling, and the Marrieds ministry.

Rev Jaffu is married to Patience Jaffu since 6 August 2011, and God has blessed them with two sons; Yamikani Jaffu and Mwayi Jaffu.



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