To be a model Fathers Union that promotes Christ-Centered Families.


To ensure that family life is based on true Christian values that preserve a godly legacy.


The objectives for which the Union is established are to undertake or co-operate in the undertaking of all or any activities whose objective is the promotion of the Christian family life in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the following:


  • To mobilise, equip and promote Christian Families for Spiritual growth and development.
  • To encourage husbands live according to the marriage vows and Biblical teaching.
  • To equip parents with parenting skills to raise children in a godly manner.
  • To identify challenges facing Christian families and to formulate policies and guidelines to address them.
  • To support initiatives aimed at improving Christian family life by enabling individuals and groups to improve their conditions of living.
  • Improve, promote and protect Family Life revolving on the Christian principles and values as reflected in the Bible.
  • To provide consultancy, planning, financial and management services to or in connection with projects, programmes and other related activities aimed at improving the status and condition of Christian families in Uganda.
  • To develop special programmes to focus on the legal and traditional status of a Christian family and the role it plays in our society.


Members of the Union shall be males of All Saints Cathedral Nakasero, Kampala, married in Church and enrolled, but the executive may admit any such category of membership, as they shall from time to time determine.

The minimum number of members of the Union for normal operations shall be ten (10). The maximum number shall not be limited.

Cessation of Membership                                     

A person shall cease to be a member of the Union upon his voluntary resignation in writing, death or removal from Membership.

Member’s Rights

Member’s rights shall include but not limited to:

Attendance of General Meetings.

Voting at such meetings.

Right to vote and be voted for to any elective office.

Participate fully in all Union activities.

Member’s Obligation                                            

Each member shall be required to pay the following fees to be determined by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) from time to time:

Membership fee (payable once in a member’s lifetime) before enrolment.

Annual Subscription Fee.

Each member shall be required to participate fully in all Union activities.

Members’ Prayer                                  

The Union Members’ Prayer shall be:

Almighty God our Father, the Founder and Sustainer of homes and families; we commend them to your continual care; fill them with faith, virtue, knowledge, temperament, patience and Godliness. We pray that you will give us Grace to love our wives and children as Christ loved the Church. Dear Father, put far from us, we beseech you, every root of bitterness, the desire of vain Glory and the pride of life. Enkindle fervent charity among us all, and make us evermore to be kindly affectionate to one another, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.


The Union Anthem shall be:

As our Father in Heaven requires us to take care of all that He has made.

So we shall do as Fathers, Leaders of nations to serve Him with all our strength.

To love and serve our families and build up our nation.

To be kind and humble Lord we pray.

So we shall do as Fathers, Leaders of nations to serve Him with all our strength.

So help us serve you Lord till the day you come.

Give us Grace to often do your will.

So we shall do as Fathers, Leaders of nations to serve Him with our strength.

So we shall do as Fathers, Leaders of nations to serve Him with all our strength.

To serve Him with all our strength….

To serve Him with all our strength.