1. Archbishop and Bishop of Kampala Diocese
      2. Provost
      3. Cathedral Council. The cathedral appoints the ACP Team on behalf of the Provost. It monitors the progress and needs of the project.
      4. The ACP Team.   A project of this magnitude requires able and upright people to see it through to its completion. To meet this challenge, a building committee comprising of nine members is currently spear-heading the project on behalf of the Cathedral Council.


ACP adopted the recommendation of Council to remain a lean, committed and efficient team. However, as and when the need arises, various specific activity task forces have been formed to coordinate such activities. Nevertheless, there are key sub-committees of ACP that were formed to augment ACP in their respective technical competencies. These include: 
ACP Technical Committee

  • Provide technical oversight over the project;
  • Quality assure the project;
  • Quality assure the work of the Consultants, the Contractor and the Project Manager; and
  • Advice ACP on all technical matters.

ACP Advisory Team

ACP Finance Committee

  • To oversee all the financial details relating to the project for example bankers, signatories, borrowing, accountability, disbursement and reporting mechanisms; and
  • Advise ACP Team.

ACP Fundraising Committee

  • To oversee the financial mobilization efforts;
  • To explore all necessary financial mobilization efforts; and
  • To work out incentives for contributing towards the project; and
  • Develop appropriate strategies.

ACP Publicity committee

  • To give relevant and necessary information to stakeholders;
  • Publicize the project and its progress through various print and broad cast media;
  • To maintain public relations (for example keep computer data of members’ birth days, marriages, illness, bereavements, thank you etc); and
  • To keep the momentum of the project going among all stake holders.

ACP Secretariat

A secretariat to handle the day to day cathedral building related activities is in place. It is headed by Julius Twesigye as the Project Coordinator.