Rev.Canon Geoffrey Byarugaba

Greetings and welcome you saints to this wonderful Sunday. Since it is the day the Lord has made, we are admonished to rejoice and be glad in it.
A week could be a long time more so if you are facing challenges. Whatever it is you are going through, remember the champion of our faith-Jesus the Christ-is still on the throne and is in control.

Today, we are reflecting on the topic” Remember the Lord who gives you wealth.
This is in the context of family economy.

Wealth can encompass; prosperity, affluence, means, capital, treasure, fortune, riches, possessions or goods. Our lives are holistic: body, soul and spirit. God placed us on earth and He is interested in dimensions of our total existence.
Issues of bread and butter, basic needs of food, water, shelter, clothing medical care, sex are His concern.

There is quite a lot of teaching on money in the Bible by God himself. Money being just a means of exchanging this wealth, it helps attach a nominal value on forms of wealth. The Lord teaches his disciples to take and treat it as follows:
Don’t love it( Luke 16:13), Don’t think it will last(Jer.17:11, Don’t think it can save you( Psalms 37:16-17) Don’t serve it( Matthew 6:24), Don’t be foolish with it (Proverbs 17:16) Don’t hoard it (James 5:3-6) Don’t envy others who have it (
Exodus 20:17) Don’t think it can compensate for turmoil (Proverbs 16-17) Don’t use it for fraud ( Micah 2:2) Don’t steal it (Titus 2:9-10) Don’t use it for evil Ezekiel 22:29, Don’t worry about it Matthew 6:24 don’t use it dishonestly Prov.13:11

BUT how can one use it well? Use it wisely ( Prov. 31:10-31), use it intentionally, earn it, Be trustworthy with it( Prov.11:1), give it for godly causes, use it to repay your debts, Honor God with it, (Proverbs 3:9-10, Be content with what you have
May the Lord grant us the capacity and strength to earn it, and the wisdom to employ it for His glory and purposes.

Rev. Canon Geoffrey Byarugaba