We do welcome you to this Sunday service and pray that the Lord will refresh and empower you even more for His service and witness.
It is a Sunday when we deliberately proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage you, the listener, to consider inviting and enthroning Jesus Christ; Savior and Lord of your life.


Rev. Canon Geoffrey Byarugaba

We begin a missions and evangelism week: July 23-30th 2017. We shall be holding daily evening meetings to share in testimony, word, and availing opportunity to publically respond to the Lord’s claims over our lives. The words of challenge from 2 Chronicles 7:11-20 are clear. Human life and existence is to be lived out in accordance with our maker’s will. Human relationships, civic and economic life, the ecosystem are all affected by how healthy or not our relationship with God is!
It looks there is a very interesting correlation between being in right standing with God and prosperity. Sin brings a curse on the land and when sin is atoned for or renounced and forsaken, then the land also heals and produces in abundance.

Today is also a day when we remember the witness and ministry of a first century female disciple of Jesus Christ: Mary of the town of Magdala known as Mary Magdalene. She is one of the most recognizable and well known figures in the Bible. Mary Magdalene, alongside other women like Joana, Mary the mother of Jesus, was a disciple of the Lord in her own right. She was witness of the Lord’s saving grace, deliverance, and was a firsthand witness of the resurrection of the Lord from the dead and took the hot news of the resurrection to the apostles, who were by then hiding in the upper room! She served and loved the Lord she loved while He was alive and even in death. It is thought, from the Bible and tradition, that she had earlier been possessed by seven devils or demons that manifested in sicknesses. Whatever condition it was: whether mental illness, epilepsy or prostitution; being taken advantage of by the devil and men; the Lord healed her and made her whole. She never looked back.

As we enroll some of our membership into the Christian women fellowship, and we invite you to follow Jesus, it is our prayer that your heart will be wholly yielded to the Lord and that even those around you will notice the transformation the Lord brings and rejoice.
Share this good news with someone in the course of the week and come over for daily evening talks and testimonies. You can come with someone else.
Rev. Canon Geoffrey Byarugaba