This season is one for sacrificial giving. We cannot express our gratitude in words for every contribution you have made towards our new Cathedral. Keep praying and prepare a choice offertory as God guides you.

We also invite you parishioners to make many different groups as Gideons. Gideons are individuals or groups of people who give 3m or USD (1,000) or more. We also encourage families and groups to give 10 million or more. As a way of raising funds, we have developed cards for people to give in different Government agencies such as Parliament, Ministries, NSSF, NWSC, CAA, KCCA, URA, UMA, UNRA, URSB, ESO etc. Pick a card and give with colleagues. We know with such prayers and enthusiasm, we can begin building. Different groups like Mothers Union and Fathers Union and other fellowships are raising 10 Million or more. Please just keep giving. You can register with us at the ACP tent.

We thank God for a family that was touched last week on Monday 10th October 2016 to pay UGX 50,000,000 to honour God. We know the Lord will bless them as He promised.
Another on Wednesday gave in UGX 10 million and we know that when you honour God, He will lift you up. The Secretariat will be glad to facilitate any process towards the Cathedral construction.

Our progress so far is remarkable, but we still need to achieve greater results so as to embark on and complete the phase two construction.

To contribute to the building of the Cathedral, you can deposit money directly on our bank accounts using the details below:
Account Name: All Saints Cathedral ACP Fund.
Bank: DFCU; Account numbers: 01273550356324 (UGX) and 02073573433218
(USD) Bank: Barclays; Account number: 0341186188 (UGX)
You can also contribute to the building of the cathedral using mobile money. Below are the steps to follow while paying using mobile money.

MTN Mobile Money Payment Procedure
Step 1: Dial *165#
Step 2: Select 4. Payments
Step 2b: Enter 00 for Next
Step 3: Select 8. Goods and Services
Step 4: Enter Merchant Code i.e. ALLSAINTS
Step 5: Enter Reference preferably your phone number
Step 6: Enter amount to be sent
Step 7: Enter your Mobile Money PIN

How to become a Gideon: Pledge or directly give Shs3m (USD 1,000) or more towards the Cathedral building either as an individual or a group.
In case of any inquiries, please contact ACP Manager on 0751527737.
THANK YOU ACP Secretariat