The Very. Rev. Michael Mukhwana

A Christian educator walked down a busy city street, enjoying a breath of fresh air before his next lecture. As he turned the corner, a tract – wielding, zealous young Christian confronted him, “Are you saved, brother?” the young woman asked. “Saved from what?” That response seemed to confuse the young woman, but it started a good conversation. The bible doesn’t start with the question, “Are you saved?” but instead with the statement, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). What follows is the story of how God had a plan to save His people from the consequences of their rebellion. How this would work was prefigured in the sacrificial system of OT Judaism; but was made real in the predicted sacrifice of the God – man, Jesus Christ.

So “saved from what?” Today’s article therefore outlines the dire consequences of sin. Genesis 3 tells the sad story of Adam and Eve’s lost relationship with God through sin. The effects of their fall were dramatic, immediate and far reaching, infecting every subsequent member of the human race.

The consequences included among others:

    1. Spiritual death (i.e. their union with God was severed and they were separated from God). They died spiritually but would later die physically
    2. they Lost true knowledge of God. Adam and Eve lost their perception of reality and the idea of knowing was no longer relational, and hence they tried to hide from God (Gen. 3:7,8)!
    3. They were dominated by negative emotions. Adam and Eve were not only darkened in their understanding they also became fearful and anxious. Another emotional by-product of the sin was and still is shame and guilt. Humankind also became depressed and angry after the fall (Genesis 4:5-7)
    4. Attributes became needs, for instance:
        1. Acceptance was replaced by rejection; therefore, we have a need to belong
        2. Innocence was replaced by guilt and shame; therefore, the need for a legitimate sense of worth has to be restored.
        3. Dominion was replaced by weakness and helplessness; therefore, we have a need for strength and self – control
    5. As a result of the fall we are also faced with too many choices both bad and good! For instance, you can choose to go to church or not to.

In view of the above, believers have every reason to thank God; for by faith in His Son and His finished work on the cross, we can experience the best gift anyone could ever want – Jesus Christ – and access to all His promised blessings. Will you, this day choose whom you will serve!

The Very Rev. Canon Michael Mukhwana,