Alabaster 2016

The Alabaster Ladies Conference, the name alabaster is derived from the expensive Alabaster jar that Mary bought for Jesus and poured the perfume
over his head Mark 14:3, the disciples though it a waste, but Mary brought her all in response to God’s love for her.

The Alabaster conference was birthed by, Diana Angwech, a visionary, who has a such a burden for women, especially those with a need for healing and restoration It has been five years of healing, encouraging, comforting, teaching, mentoring and sharing of testimonies of how God has been faithful through the pain, the hurt, the unpredictable circumstances, the unexpected and the tragic.

For the first three years of the conference, it was a weekend affair, but we realized that so many people weren’t able to make it, and there was so much to learn in a short period of time. We broke the it down into tit bits that people are able chew and meditate on.
Alabaster now runs for a full week, as opposed to a weekend, and in this regard, more lives are changed, healed, delivered and reached.
The Lord has been faithful with He has started with Alabaster, we started out small in every regard, but now looking back five years down the road
and we can only marvel at how Great and faithful He has been.

Five years and counting, God continues to grow the conference, God touches the lives of those who dares to pour perfume out of their alabaster
May each daughter, niece, cousin, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother come to the well and drink from the never ending fountain of life.
Come to the Alabaster Conference 2016. For a token gift of 20,000shs and 50,0000shs inclusive if you would like to attend the Sunday cocktail.

We proclaim the Risen LORD!!!

MELODY (Communication desk)