The Very Rev. Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye ( PROVOST)
The Very Rev Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye (Provost)

This week we are responding to Jesus’ call because we are heavily laden with the burdens, challenges, confusion and human manipulations that have im- pacted on us. These issue have totally affected our performance, our faith, our relationships, our marriages and every sector of life were we live. Many of us have labored for years but we have nothing tangible to show as evidence of our sweat. Some of us can identify with Prophet Haggai 1:6 where one earns wages only to put into a bag with holes. Some of us have been harshly treated and we feel so burdened with our bosses, the nature of work we do more so without interest but to earn a living. Some of us are living in hostile environ- ments with our parents, step mothers, the search for identity, some of us be- came parents to our siblings many years before we married or we can’t even get married because of the young ones around us. All these make us burden bearers. Today Christ is calling us to exchange our burdens, we handover ours and take his because it is easy and lighter. But we also need to learn from for he is gentle and lowly in heart.

Jesus is calling us to himself because he is sovereign. He receives from the Father, and in consequence of his union with the eternal Godhead becomes the Lord and sovereign Dispenser of all things. All the springs of the Divine favor are in the hands of Christ, as Priest of God, and atoning Sacrifice for men: all good proceeds from him, as Savior, Mediator, Head, Pattern, Pastor, and sovereign Judge of the whole world.

None can fully comprehend the nature and attributes of God except through Christ; and none can fully comprehend the nature of Christ, but the Father.
The full comprehension and acknowledgment of the Godhead, and the mys- tery of the Trinity, belong to God alone and God is visible before us through
Jesus Christ.

In John 3:35; John 6:46; John 10:15; Colossians 1:16-17 we realize that Christ has control over all things for the good of his church; that the government of the universe is committed to him “as Mediator,” that he may redeem his people and guide them to glory as in Ephesians 1:20-22.

Many of us know God partially and we have claimed that for many years.
Without our full commitment to Jesus as Lord and savior we cannot claim to have eternal life. We shall remain important according to worldly standards but with nothing to move us to the next life which is eternal. It is better for us to secure a position in heaven than striving to secure self -importance on earth.

Life is temporary, we are visitors that is why we are putting on masks. We
imagine Covid 19 can easily take us away from this life. If the virus does not
take us today something else will take us tomorrow. Have we secured a home?

John 14:1-6 should help us to internalize and begin gathering material for
our eternal mansion not made by human hands not even physical blocks.
Friends Jesus is calling us to come to him and find rest for our souls. Come
to the savior make no delay is a song that has been sang and I pray that we can make a turn in repentance and seek the savior’s face for action. May God bless you.

The Very Rev. Canon Dr. Rebecca Nyegenye