Christian Women's Fellowship

Christian Women’s Fellowship

The Christian Women’s Fellowship (CWF) was started in Uganda in 1905 by Rev.G.K.Baskerville. It is a non-discriminatory ministry which unites all Christian Women, young, old, married, unmarried, or widowed to uphold the world wide fellowship of Christian Women in prayer, worship and service. It was started in All Saints’ in 1997.

A leading Chistian Women’s Fellowship in the province of the church of Uganda raising Christian Women in the fear, love and service of the Lord.

To serve the Lord by running programmes for unifying, developing and supporting Christian Women in the church and communities.

“I HAVE SEEN THE LORD” (John 20:18)



1. To Emulate Mary Magdalene and preach the gospel.
2. To uphold worldwide fellowship of Christian Women, united in prayer, worship and service.
3. To promote the study of Holy Scriptures, assist in the instruction of catechism, children’s church and preach the gospel in hospitals, prisons and work places.
4. To live exemplary life in the community and help those in need.
5. To support programs aimed at bringing up God fearing families and promote dignity of Christian Women and girls.
6. To promote social, economic and personal development of members.

PATRON SAINT- Mary Magdalene.
Mary Magdalen’s Day: is the 22nd of July, in accordance with Church of Uganda liturgy.
When Mary Magdalene saw the Lord, she never remained the same. She was healed, restored and transformed. Ladies you are encouraged to join CWF for spiritural, social and economic transformation.
Membership: Membership is open to all Chistian Women of 18 years and above.

Rev. Canon Diana M Nkesiga
Vicar All Saints’ Cathedral Kampala.