Text: Acts 10:1-48.
For many centuries God’s covenant of saving grace was found inside of the nation of Israel. But ever since the resurrection of Christ, salvation has gone outside of ethnic Israel and beyond their borders to be spread over all the earth (vv.9-16). Peter, though a disciple of Jesus, was still thinking like a Jew, excluding other people groups. In this vision, and the encounter he will have with the gentile (non-Jew) afterward, the Lord will change Peter’s understanding of who God’s people are. Christ’s mission, our commission, is world-wide.
You would surely agree that the good message of Christ must go to all nations.

But in Uganda there is still a lot of tribalism. Business deals, marriages, politics, etc. rarely cross tribal lines. There is still much nepotism, favoritism, and bias. That kind of thinking is not expected; especially among the disciples of Christ, who are brethren with persons from every tribe and language and nation. Jesus does not treat His people that way, and neither should we.
Meditate on verses 34-35. How are you going to apply it to your life?
Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, give me the ability to preach Your Word beyond my family. Amen.