• The topic for 18th Sunday this month was repentance following the series where we learnt what sin is and what it is  not. The preacher,  Dr Amanda Mujunga. Taught on this and made us understand that the difference between Christians and pagans is that we have power over sin.  I learnt that repentance is the ability or act of asking for forgiveness when we do anything wrong.                                                   
    • Repentance is also the honest acknowledgement of sin with commitment to change.
    • Its also the heart change from a desire to sin to a desire to be righteous.  And is a requirement in our daily lives with Christ (as Christians).
    • Repentance is part of this power  we have as Christians were by we are free from sin because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.


  • The reasons for repenting are;
    • To mend relationships both between man and God then man and man
    • To acquire forgiveness from of offended party
    • To have a clear conscience/have peace with ourselves
    • To continuously walk with God
    • I noted that we ought not to hide sin or from our sins rather we ought to face them and ask for forgiveness and reconcile our
    • Repentance gives life( romans 6:23) .  


  • How do we repent 
    • Psalm 32:23(by confessing our transgressions to God or anyone else we have hurt )
    • Therefore Repentance is a necessary key in our walk with God.