Text: Genesis 18:10-15
In Genesis 15, when Abraham was seventy five (75) years of age, and Sarah was sixty five (65), with no children, Yahweh promised He would give them a son and many descendants (Gen.15:3-5), but He did not say
when. Now, in chapter 18, twenty four (24) years later, when Abraham is ninety nine (99) and Sarah is eighty nine (89), Yahweh visits them again and promises they will have a son in one year. Abraham is a little unsure, and Sarah laughed in disbelief. But Yahweh asks them an important question of faith, “Is anything too hard for Yahweh?” Of course, the answer is, No. After all, Yahweh created everything just by speaking!
Then, one year later, Sarah gave birth to Isaac (Gen.21:1-3).

This story applies directly to our salvation. God promised to give Abraham and Sarah a son, when they were too old to have one by their own ability, and He fulfilled His promise. Likewise, God promises to give us new birth into His kingdom, because there is nothing we can do to earn it. We trust He will do it, just as He did it for Abraham. This chapter is also a very important lesson for us as we face the distress of the COVID virus, which
has brought about joblessness, sickness, death, and hopelessness, as well as many other kinds of sorrows. Is removal of the virus too hard for the Lord Jesus? It has taken longer than we would desire, but we must
trust the Lord’s timing and goodness.
Meditate on verse 14. What is God teaching you in this verse?

Almighty Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, forgive me for the many times I have not trusted You fully. Amen.