cellgroupPraise the Lord Brethren! 27th August was evangelism Sunday at ASCK and we were blessed to have Mr. Sam Ewou who preached to the four [4] congregations on the Topic: “For I will restore thee” from biblical references of Jeremiah 30:12-17 & Mark 8: 22-25. In line with the Topic; he pointed out that the Topic of discussion was neither a proposal nor a suggestion but a promise from God: for God is not a man that He should lie. The Preacher highlighted the following aspects:

  • For restoration to happen, there must be sincere repentance. God will not act on our own timetable; He will always bring reassurance basing on the promises he has given us;
  • As we seek God, we have assurance to come in hope, faith and in the love of his Son Jesus Christ. He beseeched the congregations to be rooted in the word. [1 Corinth 13:13];
  • He clarified that restoration is a promise; and has a process for it to occur. Restoration is an event and eventually becomes a testimony that leads to glorifying/ Praising God;
  • The Congregations have to be rooted in the Biblical Hope [Romans 5: 1-5] which does not disappoint us because the love of God is shared in our lives;
  • The Believers therefore should move in accordance with the promises of God because at the appointed time, He will surely respond;
  • There is need of deliverance from the spirit of regret that brings forth questions like [Why Me, Why Now]. If Believers allow God to reign, He enables them to regroup so as He can take charge of the situation and eventually releases them to attain victory [Romans 8:28].

No matter the circumstance, Believers in Jesus Christ can only experience proper restoration when they have obtained complete restoration and rest in the Lord. The thing that sustains a Believer as you wait on God for total restoration is JOY [Habakkuk 3:16-18] regardless varying circumstances and the situations one passes through.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items

  1. Allow some members to share their personal restoration experience in any given situation based on the promises of God/ God’s Word;
  2. Reflect on Paul and Silas‘s example [Acts 16:16-40]; what practical lessons do you draw from their restoration journey?
  3. In line with God’s promise in Jeremiah 29:10-14, prayerfully identify areas in your Life, Family, Church and Nation that need restoration and Seek for the LORD’s divine intervention.

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