1. When you collide with God permanent changes happen. When God met with Jacob he was permanently “damaged.” Saul collided with Jesus and fell off his donkey never to ride it again. A permanent change occurred. 2. You don’t become rich by loosing what you have. You become rich by adding to what you have. Don’t[…]

PPC @ Lweza 4/10/2017. 1. If you make yourself available God can make you able. 2. Anglicans are bible based from Genesis to Revelation. 3. The church in Corinth had charisma without character 4. Spiritual gifts are given for the common good and not for the promotion of an individual. Details are available in Lweza

Venerable Justice Okorwonko. Provincial Prayer Conference. 3rd October 2017. Lweza Training and Conference Centre. Based on the life of Lot recorded in Genesis 12 to 19. Lot was a leader, he had a family and an enterprise. The survival of Sodom and Gomorrah depended on the effectiveness of Lot’s ministry. 1. Wrong Foundation Don’t be[…]