The Cathedral Hosted A Team From Christ Church Cathedral Arusha

The Cathedral hosted a team from Christ Church Cathedral Arusha – Tanzania who had come for a benchmarking visit here at the cathedral.
A three member team was; Rev Dr. Elisonguo Shao, Ms. Mary Lwago and Mrs. Caroline Shao. Dr- Shao also preached during the three morning Sunday services in the Cathedral.

On arrival, the Assistant Provost, Rev Hillary Jaffu, welcomed the team. The team later led a “Worship Conference” where they encouraged the worship team to unit for the purpose of service to God.
In addition, the team encouraged our worship team to prioritize the word of God because it is the strength of a believer.
Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire who is a Ugandan judge and a justice of the Court of Appeal started this pattern ship between the two Cathedrals. He started this while he served in Arusha in the East African Court of Justice.
Last year, 2022 the team from here at the Cathedral led by the Provost visited Arusha to establish this relation and now, the team had come on cement what had started.