The Mothers Union of All Saints’ Cathedral Kampala have enrolled 27 new members in their ministry. The function took place today April 24, 2022 in the midday service at the Cathedral where Bishop of the Diocese of West Ankole, Rt. Rev. Johnson Twinomujuni, was the guest preacher. In his homily, Bishop Twinomujuni appreciated the women for their unswerving commitment to God and many other things they are given to do. “Let me heartily appreciate women as mothers, daughters or sisters. I really thank you. Thank you for loving us, the beauty you bring at home, for nurturing the nation and we are here to honour you,” he said. As we celebrated Mary’s Day, Bishop Twinomujuni highlighted some significant values we learn from Mary the Mother of Jesus. He said that Mary was a virgin and by this, he encouraged both young and old to be faithful and to keep sexually clean.“Young people who are here, virginity glorifies God. Virginity is the best gift you can take to your husband or wife. To the marrieds, the best gift; is to keep faithful- not giving your body to another person except him/her that you vowed to keep,” he said.The Bishop added that Mary was from a humble background but, despite coming from such an insignificant background, Jesus was born by Mary.He encouraged Christians not to consider themselves insignificant because God is able to raise them beyond what they can imagine. Taking a leaf from Joseph and Mary who used to take little Jesus to the temple, he encouraged parents to always take their children to Church. He added that the first five years of child growth is very significant, because they learn a lot which help them in future decisions. “It’s not what you do for your children that will make them men and women of great importance, but it’s what you teach them to do for themselves in your absence,” Twinomujuni said.Bishop added that, what is important today is not Mary or the birth itself, but because Mary gave birth to the Saviour of the world and the saviour, Jesus Christ came to save you so that you can live a meaningful and a fruitful life here on Earth.