Cell GroupThis topic sums up the teaching series on the Holy Spirit. Having looked at the person of the Holy Spirit, His work and being filled by the His power, our focus now shift to understand how we can walk in step with Him. Last Sunday, we were led by the children’s Church, and Captain Irene Apio. Basing on the main references of John 14:14-26; Galatians 5:16-26; and Phil.2:12-13, she brought out the following important aspects on how we can walk in step with the Holy Spirit.

1. Walking is step with the Holy Spirit is a call to holy living (Gal.5:16,24)
2. There are two ways to live; either by the Spirit or by the human nature. Captain Irene pointed out that we needed to choose how we wanted to live (Gal.5:19-23)
3. To walk in step with the Spirit, we need to live in obedience to God. (John 14:15, 21,23 and 24.
4. In order to obey we need to read the word of God so that we know what to obey and have what to obey. In this case the daily reading of God’s word is essential in order to shape our lifestyle.
5. The Holy Spirit is there to help us obey God and even desire to read God’s word. He also helps us to overcome sin in our lives (John 14:26; and Phil.2:13)
6. We have a part to play in order to work out our salvation and crucify the sinful nature (John 14:26 and Gal.5:24)
7. In conclusion Captain Irene Apio emphasized that to walk in step with the Holy Spirit, we need to read God’s word and obey Him.

»» How are you “practically” walking in step with the Holy Spirit in the following areas:
• Family
• As Husband/ wife
• At your school
• At your place of work
• In your business
»» Take note of the works of the flesh in Gal.5:19-20. Pray that the Spirit will convict His people on the things listed in this passage.
»» In (Phil.2:12) St Paul urges us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. What measures are you taking to work out your salvation?

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