Cell GroupHoly Spirit come and empower us – AMEN. On Sunday 24th July 2016, the Congregations at All Saints Cathedral Church received a triple fold manifestation: on one hand the Christian Women Fellowship [CWF] celebrated their Patron Saint Magdalene and over 10 Ladies were enrolled as new Members, and in the same Service the Alabaster Conference was launched and to run from 25th – 30 July 2016. The Sermon for the Sunday focused and exposed the Theme ‘ Empowered by the Holy Spirit’

Mrs. Grace Semwanga delivered a very enriching, thrilling and spirit filled Sermon on the above Theme based on Luke 24:44-49 and Acts of Apostles 1:6-11 respectively. She clearly observed that when one is empowered by the Holy Spirit, the following happens, namely:

  1. Even when Jesus Christ is not physically present with us now, the dispensation of the Spirit is eminent here with us in full dose. God’s season never ceases and continues to work among selected people;
  2. The Holy Spirit provides Light, Perseverance and Focus to all people who believe in God even when challenges and problems prevails;
  3. Jesus Christ is the answer and power to transform our challenges and total belief in Him empowers us to overcome all limitations [Acts 2];
  4. The Holy Spirit is God amongst us and Helper [Jn. 14:18, Judges 14.];
  5. When you encounter the Spirit of God, God touches you and visible presence happens. Spirit filled people therefore need a full package that entrusts them to the Kingdom of God [Rom 14] which ultimately ushers them in peace, joy and deliverance.

As a conclusion, the Preacher pointed out that the Holy Spirit does not need an introduction to empower anybody, rather it touches you! When touched with the Holy Spirit you receive Him in full dose! What an empowerment and blessing from our God – the God of History, Present and Future. Praise Him!


  1. The Holy Spirit comes on people ‘Full Dose’ to impact and empower them to be Winners and serve the Lord in fullness. Spend some time as a Cell Group and discuss how the Holy Spirit does that on an Individual, Home, Community and Church levels.
  2. As a Prayer Item, identify a Member [partner] at random in your Group and devote the rest of the time praying for each other. Allow the Spirit to direct you as you pray.

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