Cell GroupThe Spirit of the Lord is always with us – AMEN.

In his introduction of the Preaching Topic for the Month of July, i.e. ‘ The Holy Spirit’ the Reverend Hilary Jaffu observed that the study of the Holy Spirit is critical in the understanding of God’s Holiness, Righteousness and Purity. As a prelude he posed a very central

Question to the Congregations:
‘Of what help is God to you when the Holy Spirit is not resident in you?’
The Preacher pointed out that God is interested in relating with His people, actively acting and working amongst them [Gen. 1:2]. The Holy Spirit is permanently present, watches over us and God Himself sustaining all lives he Created [Job. 34:14]. Revd Jafu underscored three [3] Influences of the Holy Spirit and these include:
i. That the Holy Spirit is a Devine Judge [Gen. 1: 1-2]
* The Holy Spirit determines Justice, Law and Order in our Lives; and The Holy Spirits convicts us on one hand and also condemns us.
ii. That the Holy Spirit is a Set Apart Being [ Acts. 13:12]
* The Holy Spirit is distinctively different from other spirits!
* The Holy Spirit does not manipulate people but works in people as God;
* Because the Holy Spirit is set apart for God’s serious business, in Him there is no emptiness but fullness.
iii. The Holy Spirit is a Devine Counsellor
* The Holy Spirit engages difficult times we face as Christians and provides healing to those that are hurting [Jn. 14:1-2];
* The Holy Spirit empowers Christians to cross check on erroneous teachings and provides strategic Christians ways out of such situations [1 John 1:4];

Guiding Question and Prayer Requests
1.‘The time you spend with God determines your response to the Holy Spirit’ [Revd Jafu]. As a Home cell, devote to discuss that Statement and share your experiences and Challenges.
2.‘Of what help is God to you if He is not resident in you?’ [Revd Jafu]. As an individual, reflect deeply on this Statement. Allow it to shape you, guide you, admonish/reprimand you and subsequently listen to what God is revealing to you. Ask God to empower you to recognize
that the Holy Spirit is resident in us always.

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