cell groupLast Sunday was ACP Sunday. The Bishop launched the 3rd phase of the Cathedral and asked God to bless the project.
We need a Church that can disciple the community by giving. He pointed out that It’s God who has given us resources to disciple the community.

He told the story of a preacher who emphasized giving as serving God and encouraged people to give expressing love to God. It’s not about how “big” the money is, but how big our understanding of the God we serve.
We have to prepare our children to build, just as David prepared materials to build.

The passage teaches the following: (1Chron.29:1-14)
1. Our giving must be in the right purpose (vs 1 David).
We don’t give to please men (Col.3:23) “whatever you do it as to the Lord.
2. Giving must be in the right degree (Vs2). We need to prepare to give with all our might. This is what David did. (Vs 6, they gave willingly according to the ability.
Right giving is about the sacrifice one makes! Our God made a sacrifice by giving us Jesus Christ. Giving is costly.
3. Giving must be intentional (Vs 3).
There must be a willingness to give. Matt.6:19 “Don’t store up for yourself……
4. Give willingly (Vs 5-9) “David said” who is willing to give offerings today?
5. Give expectantly:
God returns to us a blessing.We need to give and God will give us and make us rich.
There is a move of God in ASCK, and God will prosper us. We also need to offer our lives to God and our resources.