Sunday, 22nd October 2017, Rev. Onesimus Asiimwe preached to the [4] ASCK Congregations on the on the sub Theme “Come, find Rest In Christ”; and drawing Biblical references from Col:1 :21-23 & Matt 11:27-29 concurrently. Rev. Onesmus reminded Parishioners that Jesus Christ used the familiar Image of a yoke to show the kind of bondage people were in at that time since they had misunderstood the Law as the only source of Salvation! On contrary Jesus openly assured His Listeners that His yoke is easy and burden light and all have an open

The Preacher pointed out that the Question of being exhausted or not should not be raised because ALL human beings have sinned, fallen short of the glory of God [Romans 3:23] need to have a rest in Jesus Christ. The Key words ‘come unto Him’ in Matthew 11:28 demands a positive response from us since we can’t carry the burden on our own: Jesus Christ bore it once for all at the Cross at Calvary.
Revd. Onesimus emphatically defined ‘Rest’ as a period of ceasing to engage in strenuous activity. Through rest in Jesus Christ, we receive restoration and transformation which is consummated in the authority and power He has over us. Three (3) Aspects that prevail over us currently and keeps us restless were identified as:
i. There is/are evidence(s) of Relationship Unrest in most Marriages are increasingly going through tough times of separation and divorce; while and children are also are burden to the parents;
ii. There is increasing false teaching of the Word of God which is reflected through Doctrinal Unrest. Such Teachings and Prophets who teach it [like hyper grace] are simply wolves disguised in sheep clothing. Parishioners should stop hopping from Church to Church and get hooked to their Mother Churches [ASCK]. “No one [Clergy and or Pastors] should claim to have monopoly of God’s presence in their Church;
iii. Political Unrest as a result of poor governance, undemocratic principles and practices; and above all selfishness amongst Leaders [ at all levels] in our own Country, Kenya and Southern Sudan to name a few have raised high level unrest among the Citizens! The Church and her leaders are called upon to take their position and advocate for Godly practices;
iv. It is only Jesus Christ who maintains order and normalcy in times of turbulence. He gives us Rest, peace and freedom from oppression, infirmity and the burden of guilt.

|Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) As a Cell leader, allow some members to share any Experience in their own lives when they received ‘Rest from the Lord’.
2) Study Mark 10:46-52 and Matthew 14:22-33 and thereafter identify with the Characters named. What lessons do you draw from them in regard to “Come, find Rest In Christ”?
3) Prayerfully reflect on Mark 10:51: identify any form of Unrest in your Life, Family, Home Cell, Community, Church and Nation and surrender them to the LORD.

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