Home Cell Group during a session

Praise God Brethren! We were blessed to host the Rtd. Rt. Rev Henry Luke Orombi who preached to the two [2] congregations on the Sub Topic The Tyranny of Sin basing on Gen 3:13-19 and Matthew 27:1-5. The Bishop pointed out the destructive impact and effect of sin to the human family. He reminded the congregations that Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command – hence their ‘nakedness’ and and yet felt at first no shame [Psalm 51:5; Gen 3]. The Bishop pointed out that the resultant defiance of Adam and
Eve resulted into:
• The punishment to the snake to crawl on its belly, eat dust and be crushed on the head mankind. [Vs 14-15];
• The Woman to bring forth children through a painful process on one hand husbands to rule over the wives. [Vs 16];
• Adam too was punished and had to work hard and till the ground. He point ed out to the parishioners that the curse of laziness has befallen Uganda be cause of sin; and he urged the Worshippers to exceedingly work hard to restore our God given opportunity to claim our rights and opportunities. That not done in haste, foreigners could take this up. He also pointed out another curse of stealing, corruption, pride that is upon our country; [vs17-19];
• The land would be barren and hard and man would sweat to attain his food! Unfortunately, every man and woman would finally die!
• All that described above extracted Adam and eve from the Garden of Eden and lost their original glory and communion with God [vs 23]. Man lost authority to rule because he gave the key of authority to the devil! In Gen Chapter 4:1 human kind inherited sin from our ancestors [Romans 3:23].

The above pointed out not all is lost! The atonement of Jesus Christ paved way for us on the Cross [Luke 4:18-19]. The good news is that the curse time is over and we live with Christ and He is here for us forever. He took back the keys from the devil as the
Way, the Truth and the Life. Rev 1:18].

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) Where did Adam and Eve miss the mark? In comparison, in our day today affairs what areas do we find ourselves sinning?
2) Read John 14:1-6: Prayerfully as an Individual, Family, Church and Nationchoose to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.