Shalom Brethren! Last Sunday’s topic was. Worshiping in Truth and In Spirit [John 4:1-26]; (Heb= shachah) to bow down/prostrate. Worship in the Christian context, is the act of magnifying God/expressing reverence and adoration because of who he is. As believers, going to church is an expression of honour and reverence to God for who he is and what is able to do. The rea- son God created us is to worship him, we are to glorify and revere God by living in accordance to his will. Why worship God in Truth and in spirit. Although music is part or a component of worship we ought to know that worship is rather a lifestyle of wholeness not only singing. True worship comes from the heart not from the lips. True worshippers that the father seeks are those that seek him in truth and in spirit in other words those that earnestly seek him from the sincerity of their hearts. It is not how good you sing, or how much you can jump and clap your hands, for it is how much your heart is dedicated to God. Genuine praise or singing should come from the heart and whatever we do should actually bring out worship. We should worship God because of who he is and your love for Him not because your forced to come to church.

What consists of the Christian worship? Preaching the word of God, reading the scriptures and meditating upon them and by doing this you will create a relationship with the Lord, In Baptism and Holy Communion. Note: Worship is not once a week, for it is a continuous activity wher- ever you are magnify God, honor and glorify him. Worship is more than coming to church but also to have a personal encounter with him better. The conversation between the Samaritan woman at the well and Jesus introduces the concept of true worship that the father desires.

We should worship the Lord with all our mind, heart, soul and strength.(Sincerity of your heart), admit that you are sinner and return to God in repentance, desist from greed, Jeal- ousy, immorality, hypocrisy, slander, gossiping which are not at the heart of God. Worship is about brokenness, repentance to God of mercy who forgives and hates hypocrisy. Wor- ship breaks every Chain (Paul and Cyrus sung hymns and the prison chains were broken). A true worshipper focuses on God in spirit with commitment. Jesus came to save your soul and we must glorify his name with repentance and holiness, resources e. g time and money.

The result of worshiping God in Truth and in Spirit; when we are in his presence there’s fullness of joy, open doors, fruit of generosity and a compassionate heart towards those in need. chains, bondage and strongholds are broken thus we are delivered. Our Faith is strengthened and eter- nal Life is received through Jesus. Like the Samaritan woman, Jesus knows us by name and what- ever concerns us; when you encounter Christ, your lives change like that of the Samaritan wom- an whose soul was saved and had the confidence to be a faithful witnesses wherever she went.

Guidelines and Questions

  1. From the story of the Samaritan woman at the well & Jesus, what is worship?
  2. Why did Jesus emphasize the need to worship the Lord in truth and in spirit?
  3. Pray for one another and worship the Lord in Truth and In Spirit.

Study helps: Acts 16:25, Exodus 20:3-7, 2 Chronicles 20, Psalm 22:3, John 4:39-42

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