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Praise God Brethren! Last Sunday Revd. Irene – Priest in Charge of Prayer and Intercessions and the Family Life Ministry at ASCK exposed the sub Theme “Be as Humble as a Child’’ drawing Biblical references from Matt:18:1-5 & James 1:1-10 concurrently. She emphasized the essence of training up/directing a child as pronounced in Proverbs 22:6 and promoted by the Hebrew connotation in the word ‘Chanak’ which means to fully commit oneself to a particular task. She furtherer stated that a child is a gift from God and urged parents to inquire from the Lord and be committed in raising children basing on Biblical principles. She further underscored the essence of Discipline [Greek: sonfroniso] for children with and in love as illustrated in Proverbs 13:24. Revd. Irene also urged Parents to Coach, Educate Dedicate and closely monitor their children.

Humility as exemplified by a Child therefore demands that we respect others views, desist from pride and show a modest estimate of one’s own importance.
She highlighted that some Titles such as MD, Hon, Prof, Dr, Bishop, Rev. among others ONLY puff up Believers! Jesus Christ commands us as Leaders to be as humble as little children and bear an attitude of servant hood [James 4: 6, 10].

Some of the distinctive Characteristics of children that need to be emulated include:

  1. Total dependence upon others and especially their Parents for food, protection, shelter, clothing. She urged the congregations to seek God be cause He has it all;
  2. Being truthful and honest in what we do;
  3. Exhibiting great Faith as witnessed from Children. We ought to put our trust in the Lord [Philippians 4:6-7]

The Preacher also challenged the Congregations to be humble which in a sense is the opposite of being proud. All Categories of people that God commissioned to do His Works in the Bible were humble but He uplifted them in the process. God therefore requires us to be fully committed to train, coach, disciple and dedicate our children. To entirely depend on God is not to take pride in our wealth and positions but simply to be as humble as a child.

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items

  1. As an Individual, reflect on your Spiritual, Social, Financial, Moral and Psychological aspect of your life. Are you a person of Humility? How do others talk about you?
  2. Study and reflect on Philippians 2:1-11 and Revelations 12:7-12. What lessons do you draw from the passage as Children of God?
  3. In line with Micah 6:8, prayerfully identify specific Areas in your life, Family, community, Church and Nation that require us to be humble as servants of others.

Revd. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
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