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Shalom Brethren! Last Sunday’s topic was; ‘The works of the flesh [Romans 8:5-8, Gal 5: 16-21]’ there are three enemies that every child of God has to deal with; these include: lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life. The flesh is the sinful nature or old man]. It’s not the body, but works through the body, emotions, will, way of life and one’s character. As a child of God you have the duty to subdue the flesh. If you don’t deal with it will, it will deal with you and your generations to come. Whenever you want to live a holy life, an opposition will arise against your spirit. One has the desire to do what is good but cannot carry it out because of the sinful nature [a prison] and this is a battle from within.

This battle at times leads to death; therefore to set your mind on the flesh
can either lead to spiritual death or physical death, whereas to set your mind
on the things of the spirit is life and peace. The flesh is the enemy within that opens the door for the enemy without and the enemy without is the devil. The flesh gives access to the devil who is looking for someone to devour [a loophole or an entry point through which he will use],such as anger, unforgiveness, hatred, Idolatry, sexual immorality, sorcery among others.

Believers should not give the devil a foothold by not entertaining sin into their lives. Whenever you find difficulty in submitting to authority, giving, devotional life, opposition, depression, consistent disappointments and also finding yourself being defeated or overtaken by temptation, it is an indicator that the works of the flesh are in operation and its only God who can deliver you.

The flesh can hinder your prayer(s) and response(s) from God. The flesh is a source of false information; it opposes things of the spirit. It can mislead destinies and bring destruction with evidence attached.For example, sexual immorality, sorcery, impurity, idolatry, enmity, drunkardness among others but the life of the spirit is easier such as self-control, peace, faith, thanksgiving; but the mind which is governed by the flesh is always hostile to the things of God.

How to deal with the works of the flesh
The first key that establishes victory over the flesh is the cross and submitting
your life to Christ. At the cross is where Jesus died for all these things. For you have been crucified with Christ therefore be humble and submit everything to his Lordship. Live a devotional and prayerful lifestyle mostly,in fellowship with God.

Guidelines and Questions

  1. Why do Christians struggle in dealing with the works of the flesh?
  2. Practically share on how we can subdue the works of the flesh
  3. Pray for one another and resolve to live a lifestyle controlled/ led by the spirit

    More Study Helps: Psalm 142:7, Rom 7:18, Eph. 4:27, 1 Sam 28:6, 1 Sam 16:14, Matthew 16:17, Mark 8:32-33, James 4:3, John 7:38, Matt 19:21-22, Hosea 4:6, Gal 2:20

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