The Lord is great and is to be highly praised in the City of our God, on this sacred Hill! [Ps.48:1].
Following through with the May Monthly Theme of “The Family in Mission”, the Revd. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo on 21st May 2017 addressed the sub Topic ‘Pursuing Good Works’ and drawing Biblical references from Phil.2:12-18 and John 10:20-25 correspondingly.

Home Cell Group during a session

Home Cell Group during a session

The Preacher pointed out that the Contexts in which St. Paul and St. John had both written thousands of year ago were almost similar to our current Situation when the Institution of the Family is at the Cross road: seriously hit by different heretic teachings, socially hurt and bruised; yet the Family [Father, Mothers, Children and close Relatives] need to endeavor to pursue good works. Canon Erisa prompted Families to follow, walk in the Foot Steps of Christ, observe and see, exhibit diligence; monitor and relentlessly head on for a glorious path towards doing good for others through tangible and seen activities.

Revd Canon Erisa emphasized that pursuing good works demands that:
i. Families should be rays of light in the darkness and MUST desist from being clouded/troubled. They should have one mind and a common purpose always focused to unity, love, peace and compassion [ Phil.2:12-13];
ii. Families are required to be cautious of what they believe and how their live. They should emulate the ways Jesus Christ lived v. 13];
iii. The desires and power we have been endowed by God allows us to be His disciples ‘not out of eye service’ to Him; BUT out of our hearts;
iv. The Holy Spirit MUST indwell in us always – to train, mentor, develop and allow us to think like Jesus Christ [v.13(b)];
v. Families must be released from complaining, arguing and rumour mongering. St. Paul advised us as Families to hold firm to Christ till he comes back [v.16];
vi. Families stand out as if they were/are a ‘drink offering’ [v.17] for others to emulate. Christian Families therefore need to offer their time, resources and lives to the service of the Lord as currently exemplified in the different Ministries offered at the Cathedral; and
vii. Finally, that Families should follow [‘Fuata Nyayo’ [Swahili] and Linya Kagere in Luganda] in the Foot Steps of Christ. Jesus Christ and God are not the same Person BUT they are One in Essence and Nature. Jesus Christ pursued good works through His atonement to liberate us and bring us in unity with the Father. Following Christ through the tangible deeds and words we do links us with Him and makes Him proud!

Guiding Questions and Prayer Request(s)
a. Is your Love and overall Christian Life growing? [as an individual, Family and Church] focused to spiritual growth?
b. What are you pursuing? Is God pursuing you?
c. Spend quality time to pray to God to enhance us pursue/chase of good works.

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