Shalom Brethren. Last Sunday’s topic was; Until I Deborah Arose [Judges 5:1-7].
This portion of scripture is part of the song of victory Deborah was singing with Barak.
Since it was a result of the battle they had fought and won as mentioned in Judges Chp 4. Such a phrase Until I Deborah Arose raises questions such as; what is it that made her arise? Was it a necessity for her to rise up? When she arose what did she do?Note: Although the Israelites were already in the Land, they hadn’t occupied it and whenever the Israelites went away from the LORD, God would bring another nation to oppress them but at the same time he would bring some body to deliver them.

There are times when we believers question God such as; why would God allow this to happen? Why has God forsaken me? And yet at the same time he is ready, willing and waiting to intervene in your situation. These are the reasons as to why Deborah Arose.

  1. There’s always a need for a Deborah to arise during challenging times. Deborah Arose because there was a situation that wouldn’t end. When all the men had tried and failed, God raised this woman and he gave her victory by defeating her enemies in battle. Israelites had faced challenges and were being defeated for several years.

    The first oppression took 8years, the 2nd 18years and the 3rd 20years. It didn’t matter how long it lasted but when God raised a leader, the situation changed for good, the situation was so bad that the highways were even abandon. People had left the villages and they were staying in the city. The travelers using the roads were not safe since there was no protection and also the Israel leaders prior to raising Deborah resulted into chaos and foreign denomination. The only woman among the 12 Judges of Israel, Deborah doesn’t question God’s voice or wonder what they will think or say of her. God wants to raise people who are ready to raise a voice, stand and serve him. Deborah’s
    faith rose up and Israel’s fortunes changed automatically. She was able to give new life to Israel. There was peace in the Land for 40years simply because Deborah arose.
  2. Deborah’s arising is about God’s supernatural intervention. Deborah was raised by God and she flowed in the gifts of God who enabled her lead with supernatural knowledge, wisdom and revelation. She responded with obedience, got divine insights and she led with genuine prayer. Judges 4:3 the people of Israel cried out to God.The battle she was to fight was so strong but the Israelites army found the it easy since the Lord had disabled the chariots of their enemies and scattered their army. For it doesn’t matter who is fighting you and how experienced they are, God’s intervention will give you the victory that you deserve. Deborah summoned and assured Barak. Why fear, hasn’t the Lord God gone ahead of you?
  3. It’s about success against all odds.There’s no way Deborah would lead her army to victory over an experienced, huge and well facilitated army of their oppressors. Also,there is no way she would overthrow the 20year reign of the Canaanites but God enabled them to overcome against all odds. Note: Until I Deborah Arose, is not about Deborah but about the LORD who enabled Deborah to arise in such a challenging time.

    Guidelines and Questions
  1. Briefly share your personal experience in light to the above.
  2. Have you been hindered from heeding to God’s call over challenging times?
  3. Pray for Gods intervention in your situation for extra ordinary success.
    More readings: in Judges 4:6,9 and 5:13

    From the Cell and Pastoral Ministry Desk