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Shalom! Last Sunday’s Topic was; Unlocking Divine Blessings through Obedience: [Deuteronomy 28:1-14]. Blessings and obedience are two important truths.

Note: Not all good that happens to us is a blessing from God. For example, the Abraham and Haggai relationship; and also not every Marriage is a blessing from God.

Doing the right thing doesn’t amount to Obedience. According to Num. 16 & I Sam. 13-these men offered sacrifices to the LORD but not according to what God had commanded. Not every right thing amounts obedience to God. Obedience
to God is not transactional. Hebrews 11 says, though these men and women of faith lived in obedience to God, in the end they suffered/faced all manner of problems. Obedience to God doesn’t give us the right to ask God to fulfill his blessings, he doesn’t owe us. God makes the sun shine on both the evil and the good, he sends forth rain on the Just and unjust. He is much kind to us and we shouldn’t put any boundaries on his love. Don’t predetermine how he is going to bless you (Vs 26 & 27).

There are curses that come as a result of our disobedience to God.
God’s blessings are conditioned on obedience. There’s always an “IF” you obey and this includes salvation. Salvation is not a request it’s a command; if we faithfully obey there shall come upon us divine Blessings. As Christians, we ought to trust and obey the Lord, for there’s no any other way to get blessing but to trust and obey him.

There are three Categories of blessings from this text:
a) Significance comes as a blessing [Vs16]. He will set you high above all the nations of the earth if you faithfully obey [Vs 9-11). The LORD will establish those that are obedient to him and consecrate them for a special assignment with a blessing of significance as a child of God through Salvation. Christians do not need to be terrified by anybody instead the lift that they live ought to terrify others thus drawing them closer to the LORD.
b) The Second blessing is Economic prosperity. Economic Prosperity is not only in the material things. In this Scripture God gives us an assurance of prosperity not the way we often think in terms of material possessions and care even if we face challenges. Those that are obedient to the LORD, they thrive wherever they are planted.
c) The Obedient shall Triumph.The Lord will cause your enemies to be defeated before you [Vs 7]. Triumph comes along with hardships, be it Covid 19, bereavement, illness or in lack or plenty. The obedient never give up because when they fall they rise, when they suffer they look up to God and face the cross that is before them and the world behind them.

Note. Attacking the obedient / Righteous is a self-defeating venture.

Guidelines and Questions
1) Share Testimonies of your walk in Obedience to God?
2) Why do many Christians fail to experience these blessings
3) Pray for one another and resolve to walk in. obedience to God.

More study helps: Acts 17:30, Matthew 5:45
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