Home Cell Group during a session

Home Cell Group during a session

May the Love and Peace of the Lord protect and guide you always: AMEN. The Church was again blessed to have the Rt. Revd. Dr. Hannington Mutebi preach on the Topic ‘Giving as an Act of Worship’ and using Biblical references drawn from I Chron. 29:6-9 and Mk. 12:41-44 respectively. Reflecting on the previous Sermon he preached, Bishop Mutebi pointed out that without the manifestation(s) and subsequently being filled with the Holy Spirit; people of God cannot do the right things! Because men and women of God are filled with the Holy Spirit, they are drawn to do ‘greater things’; just like two parishioners who after listening to his sermon donated UG SHS 16.0 millions and a New Subaru Imprezza Saloon Car towards the construction of the New Cathedral!

The Bishop emphasized that giving as an act of Worship demands that:
i. People of God recognize that ALL they have belongs to God alone [ Ps.24:1] and they are ONLY stewards of what they have;
ii. God is NOT ONLY concerned of what He has endowed the Congregations [in terms of resources] only, but also that they MUST be accountable of WHY they GIVE and WHAT we GIVE;
iii. The Giver(s) must surrender their lives to God and be used by God;
iv. The Giver(s) need NOT take God on a Ride and doing Him a favour; rather the Giver only returns to God what God has endowed to him;
v. Through giving, the Worshipper(s) encounters God in the ACT of Service [Lk. 6:38];
vi. The Congregations need [should be] to be encouraged by their Leaders to give to God willingly [ without duress] as God deserves the very best from them; and
vii. Giving to God is done jointly, purposely as a Church of God, pleasurably [2Chr. 29:1-28]; proportionally; privately [Mt. 6:2] and above all sacrificially/devotionally [Mk.12:41-44].

Guiding Questions and Prayer Request:
1. Why should we give our Treasures to God?
2. Why should we give our Service(s) to God?
3. ‘Am I giving pleasurably, proportionally and devotionally to God?’ [The Answer to Qn. 3 is personal and let it evaluate our future giving to the Lord].

Revd. Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo

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