Christian greetings friends, Self-Denial was our Sunday’s topic [Daniel1:1-21, Matthew
16:24-28]. Making a deliberate decision to belong to the kingdom of God requires you to
make a choice of living in a certain way. There are basics or guidelines to live peaceably in the
kingdom of God e.g. friendship with the world is enmity with God. The world and its desires
will pass a way but those that do the will of God will live forever. There entire world is under
the power of the evil one therefore one shouldn’t love the world and be double minded but
rather choose to make a deliberate decision to live in the kingdom of God.
The following are the four concepts which enable us evaluate our self-denial;

1) There must be a Change of allegiance in your life and this requires you to take up the cross vs. 24. Let the cross of Christ cross you out, the world and its desires. Those who deny Satan, the world and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior, have been crucified with Christ and their allegiance is now with Jesus Christ.
2) The concept of making a Choice. Ones allegiance to Jesus Christ will make him/her choose things of the Lord and letting go of the worldly passions thus desiring to live according to the will of God even when we are confronted with making choices or decisions believers to make choices that are in accordance with God will.
3) The idea of cost. If you change your allegiance to God there will be a cost involved. What gain is it, if you gain the whole world and lose your soul? Jesus Christ in other words is asking us today to evaluate our decisions and know the eternal costs involved.
4) Future prospects vs. 27. Be careful of how you live your life here on earth and the choices you make, for it determines where you spend the rest of your eternity. Using the business principle; the greater the risk the higher the benefit for the sake of the kingdom of God.
In conclusion, Self-denial is not an event or a season, rather it’s the life we Christians are called to live every day of our lives by letting go the worldly passions so as to gain eternal life;
therefore, choose today to take up the cross and follow Jesus Christ.
Guidelines and Questions:
1) In light of Daniel 1:1-21, share practical lessons from Daniel’s example in regard to self-denial and what benefit it was to him.
2) Briefly share, where are we struggling as Christians in regard to self-denial?
3) Pray and surrender these issues to the Lord and repent for total deliverance.
More study helps: James 4:4, 1 John 2:15-17, 1 John 5:19, Gal 2:20.

Rev. Patrick Kamara
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