“Our God is in the Business of Delivering His own people”

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Dr. Peter Asiimwe preached to the three [3] Congregations on the Topic Flowing in Divine Deliverance based on 2 Samuel 22:2-3 and Luke 8:26-39. He clearly specified the need for deliverance because God is in the business of delivering his own people and further pointed out four (4) key aspects in regard to family deliverance and these include:

1. Misconceptions about Family Deliverance:

The Preacher highlighted the four (4) misconceptions about Deliverance and these include:
• If you are a Believer, you cannot be oppressed [Ezekiel 13:17-23];
• That Deliverance is limited to, or is for Pentecostals only and NOT for the Church of Uganda Congregations;
• That Demons are everywhere and should be extracted from people while others think otherwise; and also He stressed that ‘a Believer can’t be possessed but can be oppressed’ Congregations therefore fall short of God’s glory because of lack of Knowledge. [Hosea 4:6].

2) The Necessity of Family deliverance:

The Preacher emphasized the need for Family forgiveness and deliverance which leads to the release of other people and rid ourselves of Satanic Exchanges (1Kings 3:16-28). Dr. Asiimwe cautioned congregants about the Items we procure in our homes without considerations of the Spiritual sensitivity involved! He called upon the congregations to repent, renew their lifestyles and allow Christ to deliver them wholesomely.

3) The Authority of Family Deliverance:

Believers ought to condemn the tongues that rise up against them as Christians [Isaiah 54:17]; for Christ has given Believers authority to cast out demons [Luke 10:18-20]. The Power that raised Christ from the dead is the same power that is at work in His People – which empowers them to deliver others without favoritism [Romans 2:11].

4) Invitation to flow in Divine Deliverance

Christ invites everyone and sets us free amidst the various challenges we encounter [Psalms 103:2-3]. Christians therefore should watch out for the signs that call for deliverance like Businesses that are not productive, Divorce, Separation, youth chained in drugs and Demonic Oppressions among others. If one receives Christ, he/she has a resident deliverer in him/ her and can experience total deliverance

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items:

    1. In what areas of your Salvation Journey, have you experienced deliverance; and what has it costed you? What difference has it made?
    2. In reference to Ephesians 6:10-18, what is God’s given Mandate for you to flow in Divine deliverance?
    3. As a Team, mention the Areas in your life, Family, Church and Nation that call for Deliverance. Prayerfully commit them in God’s Hands and remember to be accountable to one another [James 5:13-16].

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