Theme: ‘Building Families for God’s Purpose’ [Joshua 24:14-15]

Happy NEW YEAR!!! Another has dawned dear God and Father, let it be in works, words and our thoughts: Amen.
The Rt. Revd. Dr. Hannington Mutebi the Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Kampala delivered the Word of God to all the three (3) Congregations at All Saints Cathedral Nakaseero on New Year’s Day; drawing his Exposition from Lk. 2:41-51 and Joshua 24:14 -15 correspondingly.
Bishop Hannington first applauded God for delivering all His People to yet another Year and wished Worshippers happiness and a blessed New Year!!! He conveyed the Archbishop’s New Year’s salutations and welcomed New Clergy at the Cathedral [Revd Gideon Muhima and Revd Florence Aliganyira respectively]. In the same vein he thanked the ASC Congregations for their commitment and readiness to contribute to the building of the New Cathedral. He also requested for special Prayers from the Congregations for the Incoming Elections of New Church Councils in the entire Diocese. He finally announced 2017 as the Year of the Family in the entire Province of the Church of Uganda.

Bishop Mutebi reminded the Congregations and emphasized the following salient points:

  1. That human beings make deliberate choices in life either to serve and or not serve God! However best choices are honoured by God, are aligned to His salvation history plan for mankind [Isa. 1:18]; while the reverse displeases Him!;
  2. He clearly mentioned that Families are instituted by God even when some have an animal instinct – which attribute has disintegrated many of the families today! He strongly called for total transformation and change of the animal instinct within our Families to restore hope, peace and religiosity in and among family members;
  3. He presented selected Cases of disorientated Families [ neglected Homes and insisted/urged the Church Leadership [ Clergy, Laity and Councils to take the lead in 2017 to provide information and technical guidance on the seven (7) Mountain of Influences [ Media, Business, Governance, Education, Religion, Culture and Politics];
  4. Dr. Hannington Mutebi clearly articulated that when the Family Order breaks, the entire social fabric of a Nation collapses and degenerates. The Church therefore MUST take the distinctive role to pray just like Joshua pleaded in [Joshua 24:14-15] and petitioned God; Like Joshua and Nun cried upon God for restoration in Nu.14:6-14;
  5. The Church [Clergy and Laity] must pray that all Walls of uncertainty are broken in 2017. The Bishop encouraged all People to blow the Victory Horns seven (7) times to break and collapse the Walls of Influences that impose and interrupt them;
  6. Specificaly the Bishop appealed to the Fathers/ Men to take up their roles in their Families by rightly managing and availing time. ‘‘Men MUST come back’’ he said. Men therefore must desist from relegating their roles to Mothers/ Women!!

Guiding Questions and Prayer Requests:

  1. As a Home Cell, spare quality time and share/discuss specific Areas where God is leading you to become a transformation Home Cell in reviving and recreating Family Value in your Church/ Location;
  2. You may [ if time permits] identify 3 people among yourselves to draw a practical Work Plan for promoting family in your Cell this for the next Quarter. Share this outcome with us.
  3. Pray for the Family.

Revd Canon Erisa Grace Sentongo
Priest in Charge: Pastoral Care and Home Cells
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