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He is risen indeed: The Savior of Mankind! Amen. The Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Uganda the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali preached on Easter day at All Saints Cathedral – Nakasero to the three [3] congregations on the Topic “The Resurrection of Jesus”. He focused his message on Jn. 20:1-9 and 1 Cor. 15:35-41 concurrently. His Grace reminded Parishioners that Easter Day is a global Event when mankind rejoices and celebrate the great salvation Event of Christian History which marked the VICTORY of Jesus Christ over death.


The Preacher pointed out the following KEY Areas, namely:
a. Disregarding the shameful death and experience Jesus went through from Friday till Sunday, He had accomplished His Mission of redemption of humanity;
b. Jesus Christ bridged the gap between God and us: the guilt of Sin and its consequences destroyed once and for all (John 3:16) as testified in His Statement, i.e. “IT IS FINISHED” (John 19:30);
c. As a Suffering Servant prophesied by Isaiah “By His wounds, we were healed’’ (Isaiah 53:5) through His once for all atonement of our sins. We are therefore reconciled, liberated and restored to our former status and identified as Children of God (Ephesians
2:4-6). If Christ has not been raised, our faith would be futile and would be engulfed in Sin!
d. When we come to Him in faith, all our stones of life are rolled away – Sin is forgiven, Hope is restored, new life begins, broken relationships are restored and unfaithfulness is driven away from the Believer’s life. Jesus Christ becomes the light of the World and our solace and great encourager;
e. Even when the Great Victory is witnessed amongst us, mankind is threatened and discouraged! We live in a state of fear and anxiety manifested through errant killings, abductions, increased; unfaithfulness in marriage and domestic violence to mention a
few! Many people have lost hope!

As Church of God and specifically in Uganda, the major is for all families to focus and hinge on establishing a very secure and firm ground for Families where there is love and security. The Archbishop appealed to wives and husbands to repent of any shortcomings and make their marriage enjoyable.Commemorating Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead in 2018 should therefore restore their hope and confidence as pronounced in His benediction: “PEACE BE WITH YOU” (John 20:19). The power of Jesus’ resurrection should manifest both His liberating power and reconciliation among His people globally
[John 14:1-3].

Guiding Questions and Prayer Items
1) Reflecting on the Easter message, what specific lessons do you draw? How do you apply them in your own family? What is your role as a Christian?
2) Prayerfully commit all your Challenges to the Cross of Jesus Christ [John 20:19-23].